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Arrival and Survival

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Arrival and Survival

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Arrival and Survival is the second part of Flashpoint.





Arrival and Survival

Simply complete the episode.


Because this takes place in the open world map, you will encounter the normal foes and allies from the map.





My story[править]

Draconis Mons loading screen.jpg

Taimi, with her ever-growing influence, arranged for a Vigil submarine to take me to the Fire Islands in pursuit of Balthazar. Of course, she sent some of her own team along as well.

We disembarked in an underground cavern that was less than hospitable and began initial explorations. The Vigil sent scouts out to form a perimeter, but we've already lost crew members to hostile vegetation and creatures - including Taimi's scientist Viraddi, who had the tracker on him! I have to find him. This is not going to be easy.

Even the bushes are suspicious in this strange landscape. Thank goodness I was able to rescue most of the endangered scouts and Viraddi. Unfortunately, Taimi's tracking device was damaged beyond repair. Looks like I'll be relying on my own abilities from now on. I met a barely friendly nature spirit who informed me that Balthazar is at the top of this cavern. I must hurry.

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