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Control effects, also known as disables, are a set of effects that temporarily prevent actions or movement and disable all skills for effect's duration. All control effects will interrupt the target. The boon Stability provides immunity against control effects.

Crowd control is essentially the same group of effects, associated with Unshakable enemies. Some enemies possess the Unstoppable ability which makes them totally immune to control effects as well as movement-restricting conditions like crippled or immobilized.

Control effects[править]

Daze.png Ошеломление
Costume Brawl Fear 40px.png Страх1
Float 40px.png Всплытие2
Knockdown 40px.png Нокдаун
Launch 40px.png Отбрасывание (Blowout)
Push.png Притяжение
Knockback 40px.png Толчок (Knockback)
Sink 40px.png Погружение2
Stun.png Оглушение
Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Ice block caused by Deep Freeze from Conjure Frost Bow.
Thief tango icon 20px.png Petrification caused by Basilisk Venom
1 Fear is both a control effect and condition, it ignores both Stability and Defiant.
2 Float and Sink ignore the Defiant effect.

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