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Listen closely. There are forces at work in this city, in this world, that will take us all down if we let them. Together, you and I can make a difference.


Marjory Delaqua is a human detective of Canthan descent. She is the business partner of Kasmeer Meade, and forms half of Delaqua Investigations. She was formerly a member of the Durmand Priory and still occasionally exchanges information with them. In 1326 AE, after the murder of Captain Theo Ashford, Marjory was tasked with locating the Aetherblade Retreat, an endeavor in which she was highly successful. She is presently in Kessex Hills, after finally destroying the Tower of Nightmares, where she, along with Kasmeer Meade and other heroes, successfully injected an antitoxin into the heart of the tower.

Marjory got her start in the Ministry Guard of Divinity's Reach, but left after witnessing Ministry Guard Henrick Baker murder a young boy for threatening to unravel a conspiracy surrounding a Minister who captured and tortured a woman with dark magic. The boy's ghost entrusted his weapons to Marjory, but unfortunately the ghost was dispersed by Kraig the Bleak before Marjory could interrogate it properly. With the help of a mysterious benefactor known only as "E", Marjory then decided to leave the Ministry and become a private investigator. The case of the ghost boy remains unsolved to this day.


Historical locations

Living World involvement[править]

Dragon Bash
Hard Boiled
Every Piece Matters
No More Secrets
Tower of Nightmares
The Nightmare Unveiled
The Nightmares Within
Nightmare Chamber
The Nightmare Incarnate
The Origins of Madness
The Origins of Madness: A Moment's Peace
The Edge of the Mists
The Dead End: Advanced Warning
The Dead End: A Study in Scarlet

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During An Advanced Warning
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During A Study in Scarlet
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