The Bitter Cold (story)

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The Bitter Cold (story)


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The Bitter Cold is the sixth part of A Crack in the Ice.


  • Penetrate to the very heart of the bitter cold.
  • Find a way to melt the waterfall.
  • Hunt Jormag's abomination.
  • Put Down the Abomination.
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  • Retrieve Taimi's sample.



Enter the large circular cave where the Champion Unstable Abomination sits in the middle. Lure the champ into the groups of Jungle Larva and quickly kill them. Upon death, the larva explode and damage the Abomination. Otherwise, he is immune to all damage. Larva do not respawn and the Abomination will enrage, gaining Ускоряет на 50% ваши действия и активацию умений. Проворство, Шанс критического удара увеличен на 20%; складывается по длительности. Ярость and Увеличивает наносимый урон; эффект складывается. Мощь every 10 seconds once every larva has been killed.





Entering the Cave
That is definitely not a regular icebrood.
After collecting the sample
Taimi will be pleased.


My story[править]

Файл:The Bitter Cold loading screen.jpg

All reports proved true. The creature I was hunting showed characteristics of Jormag, Mordremoth, and Zhaitan. Unlike the poor quaggans and kodan I found there, I survived my encounter with it and got out without being corrupted or frozen to death. I have Taimi's sample, and now I'm headed back. I'll stop in Sorrow's Eclipse on the way to let them know I found their herd mates. What a tragedy.

Моя история