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Очень веселые Зимние Дни 2014[править]

A Very Merry Wintersday banner.jpg

The games and items from the previous year have been moved to the Crown Pavilion in Divinity's Reach. New additions are listed below and in the Wintersday 2014 category.

Семена Правды[править]


Changes in the Silverwastes
New Rewards
New Equipment Appearances
New Items
Structured PvP Updates
  • Matchmaking Improvements
  • Map Selection
  • Party join
  • Match confirmation
  • Dishonor improvements
Gem Store

Season 2, episode 7: Seeds of Truth[править]

To find where Caithe may be now, the Pale Tree suggests returning to where she's been. Retracing your friend's steps across the years will take you down a strange and dark path.

— Story journal summary

Запутанные Пути[править]

New areas in The Silverwastes
New Items
New PvP Reward Track
Gem Store
Living Story Season 2

Отголоски Прошлого[править]

New Map
New Currencies
New Rewards
New Equipment Appearances
New Items
Living Story Season 2

Кровь и Безумие 2014[править]

  • Mad King's Clock Tower - Tyria’s most maddening jumping puzzle thrilled players during last year’s Halloween event and returns better than ever.
  • Mad King's Labyrinth - Bloody Prince Edrick has taken over parts of the Mad King’s Labyrinth and is controlling the undead armies in the Mad King’s Realm. The Skeletal Lich, Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn, and the Labyrinthine Horror lie in wait.
  • Haunted Door - Players can trick-or-treat at haunted doors across Kryta. Beware: Knocking isn’t without risk.
  • Lunatic Inquisition - Players can put their PvP skills to the test in the Mad King’s Labyrinth. Play as a villager trying to survive the night or a lunatic courtier intent on destruction. Survival tools and hidden secrets are waiting to be discovered.
  • The Reliquary - Join Magister Tassi at the Nolani Academy Ruins in the northwest corner of the Black Citadel for two story instances. The first introduces the players to the Halloween story and the return of Mad King Thorn's son, the Bloody Prince Edrick.

New Achievements[править]

New armor and outfits[править]

New miniatures[править]

New items[править]


Gem Store[править]

Сентябрьский набор особенностей 2014[править]

This section will continue to be updated as articles are posted on the official website.

Combat log[править]

  • The combat log will receive a major overhaul in its design and functionality. [1]
  • Instead of being just toggled on/off, the channel can be further configured to show the following action separately:
    • Incoming Buff Damage
    • Incoming Healing
    • Incoming Damage
    • Incoming Interrupts
    • Incoming Mitigated Damage
    • Outgoing Buff Damage
    • Outgoing Healing
    • Outgoing Damage
    • Outgoing Interrupts
    • Outgoing Mitigated Damage
  • Critical hits are separately labeled
  • Damage numbers will be shown in different colors: Green for healing, orange for damage, red for critical damage, purple for condition damage
  • Player skills are displayed as chat links and provide more information on hover.
  • Ranger pets, necromancer minions and other summoned allies show up in the log but for now appear as if the player does the damage[2].


Standard enemy models[править]

  • All enemies will appear as human models with a distinct weapon and armor set for each profession and gender.
    • Can be toggled in the Options window.
    • Only functions within Team Arenas and Custom Arenas that allow Tournament Commands.

PvP-exclusive armor[править]

  • Two new armor sets, Glorious armor and Glorious Hero's armor, will be added as PvP-exclusive rewards.
    • Glorious Hero's armor is a prestigious award for top-tier PvP tournaments.
    • Glorious armor can be unlocked through the repeatable Glorious Reward Track.


  • The commander tag will become an account-wide feature, instead of being character-based.
    • To balance this, the cost of a Commander's Compendium will increase to 300 Золотая монета and 250 Badges of Honor.png.[3]
    • Players who have already unlocked at least one commander tag will be upgraded into the new system.
    • In addition to the existing blue tag, three new tag colors will be introduced: purple, red and yellow. Commanders can switch between the colors at will.[4]
    • Players who have bought more than 3 commander tags (have spent more than 300 Золотая монета) will receive an automated refund when the update goes live. [5]


  • New ability: Siege Golem Mastery that improves Siege Golem skills (total cost 75 points). [1]
    • 5 points: "Increases your piloted golem's movement speed for 15 seconds after destroying a gate or a wall" (grants Super Speed)
    • 15 points: "Increases your piloted golem's base power and precision by 15%"
    • 30 points: "The shield bubble now also heals nearby allies"
    • 50 points: "Increases your piloted golem's base vitality and toughness by 15%"
    • 75 points: "Your piloted golem will safely eject you once it's defeated"
  • New trick consumable: Siege Disabler that disables enemy siege for 45 seconds and golems for 20 seconds. Cost of 10 supply and a 1200 range.[1]
    • Stealthed characters are revealed when using the trick. [2]
    • There is no cooldown on the use of the trick, so players can continue using it as long as they have enough supplies. [2]
    • The Siege Disabled effect does not stack. [2]
    • The price will be around 5 Серебряная монета and
      15 Badge of Honor.png
      . [6]
    • This is a thrown projectile, and as such, can be countered by abilities that block or reflect projectiles (Shield of Absorption, Swirling Winds, etc). [6]

Balance Changes[править]

Основная статья: /Balance changes

New Runes and Sigils[править]

Three runes and two sigils are newly added. They can be crafted by acquiring its recipe.


  • Guilds will now be global and shared regardless of the world you are on.
    • Influence and the merits earned by a guild in each world will be combined into one pool.
    • Any upgrade or unlock will be combined into one guild, any duplicate unlocks or upgrades will be refunded.
    • Any consumables already built will be combined into one guild.
    • The largest guild vault unlocked on any world with the most items will be the new global guild vault and all items from all guild chapters will be located in that vault. Any items that go over the limit will be placed into special extra slots and will disappear after withdrawing the item.
    • After the patch, merits and consumables can temporarily go over the normal limits, but a guild cannot earn more until the extras are used.
  • A reservation system will be enabled that will prioritize adding guild members to a specific map for guild missions. There is a limit to the number of reservations.


  • Crafters will now be able to open recipes as well as that recipe's sub-component recipes at the same time.
  • New progressive back items are being added as a visual reward to crafters. Each crafting discipline will have a new unique back item that can be upgraded as a character advances in that discipline.

New Player Experience[править]

  • A new content direction system is being implemented to point players towards level-appropriate content, or into the next map. This is intended to provide more structure for players that need a guide.
    • A literal arrow will be added to the notifications in the upper-right to point players towards the next objective.
    • This system can be turned off in the options under User Interface, in the Content Guide drop down bar. It can also be set to "world complete" and point players towards the nearest content for 100% world completion.
    • This system will not point players towards bonus hidden locations such as jumping puzzles, mini-dungeons, or pipe organs.
  • Level progression has been changed
    • A new notification and reward screen have been added. This screen will show the rewards for this level and rewards for next level. It will also teach important game systems, including any system that was unlocked that level.
    • Statistical progression now comes in larger amounts at milestones instead of a small boost every level.
    • Rewards for leveling have been improved and made more relevant.
  • Unlocking of gameplay systems have been layered along the level progression.
    • The downed system will now unlock at level 5. Characters will be immediately defeated before then.
    • Weapon swapping and skill slot unlocks have been moved to different levels than before.
    • Notifications and icons for WvW and PvP will be displayed at levels 18 and 22. Players can access them before this time if they already know what to do (portals or hotkey).
    • Weapon skills are unlocked for all weapons simultaneously as the character levels. Replaces the current system of unlocking as enemies are defeated.
  • Personal Story progression in the Story Journal has been changed.
    • Several steps will now be unlocked at once as chapters on specific levels, preventing the need to level up between each story step.
    • Rewards for major chapters have been reviewed and updated.


  • A new search box has added to all Wardrobe and Equipment panels.
  • Outfits have been separated into their own section.
    • All outfits are visible and can be previewed, even locked ones. Owned outfits are sorted to top.
  • Finishers are now their own section in the Wardrobe.
    • Each finisher can be previewed within the wardrobe window, and rotated for a better view. Unlocked finishers are sorted to the top.
  • Miniatures have been moved from the Account vault into the Hero Panel/Wardrobe as their own section.
    • Existing miniatures in the Vault are now in temporary slots that disappear as they are withdrawn.
    • The miniature item can be traded, summoned, and un-summoned as normal. Players can permanently unlock any miniature for their account, consuming the miniature.
    • Players can equip a miniature that will remain visible at all times, even when changing maps. A checkbox allows it to be summoned and un-summoned.


  • Item Collections have been added.
    • New set of achievements earned by finding items and skins.
    • Collections can be automatically visible, discovered by finding one of the items in the collection, or added from using an item.
    • An item can be collected by binding it to your character or account, using the item (e.g. a consumable), or unlocked as a skin. A collection can include up to all three methods.
    • Completing collections reward various equipment, recipes, items, and unlocks (e.g. skins).
    • Existing bound or unlocked items will contribute to collections as soon as each character logs in for the first time.
  • The existing Collections panel in the bank has been renamed "Material Storage".
  • Existing achievements have been moved around into different categories.
    • WvW, PvP, and Activity achievements are grouped under the Competitive category.
    • Region, Boss, and Dungeon achievements are now in the General category.
  • The UI for Item Collections achievements is now the standard UI for achievements.

Trading Post[править]

  • The Trading Post was re-built on a brand new browser engine for better performance.
  • Redesigned categories have been implemented in a persistent panel on the left side.
  • Expanded filtering options are now available.
    • Category
    • Subcategory
    • Rarity
    • Level
    • Available Now (active listings)
    • Attributes
    • Profession now a filter for armor and weapon categories, assigning appropriate useable armor weight or weapons.
    • Bag size
    • Crafting discipline
  • Filter results are returned as they are entered.
    • Active filters are displayed at the top, allowing you to remove individual filters by clicking on them.
  • Buying/Selling UIs have been combined into a single order overlay that does not remove your current filter.
    • Proposed buy or sell listings are displayed alongside existing listings for comparison.
    • Items for sorted in same order as inventory, with your bags displayed on the left side like categories. Invisible bags are not displayed.
    • Listing and Successful Exchange fees for using the Trading Post are displayed.
  • Pick-up tab has been changed into a Delivery Box section of the UI, available on every page of the Trading Post.


  • Dungeons no longer have an instance owner. The instance will only close when all players have left the instance.
  • Several performance increases are being added, notably affecting large combat situations like WvW and at the PvE world boss events.
  • Loot drops are being tweaked so characters are more likely to receive items they can use. The changes are subtle and the changes may not be easily noticeable, but over time the loot will have more items that character can use. [7]
  • Special new rare/exotic items are being added for leveling, and are more powerful than the items normally available for their level. These account-bound items are exclusively under level 80, will allow you to choose between 2 stat combinations, and will be available via crafting or found as loot.
  • Icons of Junk rarity items have been newly changed.

Драконий Предел: Часть 2[править]

New Areas in Dry Top
New Items
New PvP Reward Track
Gem Store
Living Story Season 2

Драконий Предел: Часть 1[править]

Новые предметы
Gem Store
Живая история Сезон 2
  • Иконки рецептов изменены и стали более узнаваемыми.
    • Фон иконок теперь цветной и соответствует редкости производимого предмета.
    • На рецептах снаряжения теперь символически изображен производимый предмет (например, на рецепте трезубца изображен трезубец, на рецепте кольца - кольцо, и т.д.).
    • У других рецептов изменена форма самого листа. Теперь она соответствует типу (например, рецепт пищи имеет форму яблока, рецепт нашивки имеет форму герба и т.д.).


Entanglement banner.jpg
Новые области в Dry Top
Новая валюта
Новые награды
Новые предметы
Gem Store
Living Story 2 сезон

Врата Магуумы[править]

Gates of Maguuma banner.jpg
  • Новая категория достижений: Story Journal (журнал истории)
  • Новая категория достижений: регион
    • Dry Top (Сухая вершина)
Новая карта
  • Dry Top (Сухая вершина)
Новая валюта
Новые награды
Новые предметы снаряжения
Новые предметы
Gem Store
Living Story Season 2 (второй сезон живой истории)

Фестиваль Четырех Ветров 2014[править]

Returning Maps
New Currencies
New Rewards
Second Chance Rewards
New Weapon skins
Gem Store
Living Story

Апрельский набор особенностей 2014[править]

Trait system redesign[править]

См. также: List of new traits
  • Each level 80 character now has a total of 14 trait points, each equivalent to 5 trait points prior to the update.
    • Characters earn 1 trait point every 6 levels starting at level 30, and two trait points every 6 levels starting at level 66.
  • Refunding traits is free and can be done whenever out of combat and not in an SPvP match.
  • Each profession gets 5 new grandmaster traits, one for each trait line.
  • Trait tiers now unlock automatically: the adept tier at level 30, the master tier at level 60 and the grandmaster tier at level 80.
  • Individual major traits have to be unlocked first. This can be done by using a specific trait guide, which you can find in story dungeons, minidungeons, WvW, personal story, by killing bosses, discovering areas or buying from a profession trainer.
    • New players will have all major traits locked, existing characters will only have the traits new in this update locked.

Balance and build diversity[править]

См. также: Known skill and trait changes
  • Ferocity is being introduced as a non-percentage secondary attribute, and Critical Damage is being converted into a derived attribute.
    • On equipment, this will remove the discrepancies between item types that had different ratios of Critical Damage percentage to numerical attributes, since Ferocity will follow the standard numerical progression.
    • Critical Damage will now show the base 150% multiplier (previously hidden) and is increased by Ferocity at a rate of 1% per 15 Ferocity.
    • This change is estimated to reduce the damage output of a full berserker build by 10%.
  • Celestial equipment stats increased by 6%.
  • Every rune set has been reworked and rebalanced.
    • Rune set bonuses altered to give higher payoff with 4 or more pieces of the same type worn.
    • Runes in SPvP are all equipped to a single slot at once and are otherwise equivalent to the PvE versions.
  • Sigil mechanics updated and rebalanced.
    • Effect recharges are separate for different sigil types.
    • Two-handed weapons get two sigil slots.
    • Some sigils with an effect on crit now work on hit.
    • On-kill stacking effects disappear upon unequipping the weapon with the sigil. (Does not apply upon weapon swap.) Killing players in both SPvP and WvW grants 5 stacks.
  • Overall tweaks and rework to many skills and traits, including pet and turret AI updates and bug fixes.

Account-wide wardrobe and dyes[править]


  • A Wardrobe tab added to the Account vault that functions similarly to the PvP Locker. The wardrobe has slots for every available skin in the game and the slots will be filled as you acquire new skins.
  • The PvP Locker will likely be removed once the wardrobe is introduced.
  • Armor and weapon skins are converted into account-wide unlocks accessed through an account wardrobe.
  • An equipment skin can be unlocked by:
    1. Using a Transmutation Charge
    2. Equipping the item
    3. Salvaging the item
    4. Binding the weapon to the account with the context menu.
  • Skins for items that are already account bound or soulbound on acquire are automatically unlocked when you acquire the item.
  • There is a new interface on the Hero panel's Equipment tab for applying skins. Skins can be applied to all slots at once in a preview mode before accepting the changes.
  • Applying a skin to a slot will cost a Transmutation Charge. This system replaces the current Transmutation system. Existing Transmutation Stones and Transmutation Crystals can be converted into Transmutation Charges at rates of 3 stones per charge and 1 crystal per charge respectively.
  • Town clothing is being converted into single-slot "Outfits" which can be toggled on/off similar to how helms, gloves, and back items currently work.
    • Applying skins to the outfit slot will not cost any Transmutation Charges.
    • Outfits will be persistent at all times - entering combat will no longer force you into your armor set.[8]
    • Single-piece town clothing items will be converted into armor skins that are usable with any armor weight class.
    • "Some basic clothing items that are no longer available for purchase will be converted into endless tonics."
  • When the feature pack is released, you will need to log in to each character on your account in order to unlock the skins that are currently bound to that character.
    • Any transmuted items will unlock the skin for both the item that provided its current appearance and the one that provided its current stats.
    • All accounts that log in between the launch of the feature pack on April 15 and midnight PST on April 16 will receive 5 free transmutation charges.[9]


  • The dye interface on the Hero panel will be linked with the wardrobe interface, allowing you to preview both skins and dyes together before accepting the appearance change.
    • Selecting a dye and then hovering over a dye channel will temporarily apply the dye to that channel on the paper doll.
    • A "dye picker" tool will be added, allowing you to select a dye from the dyes already applied to your character, rather than having to search for the dye in your dye list.
  • Dyes are also being converted into account-wide unlocks.
  • Unidentified Dyes are being removed from all loot tables. They can still be obtained from the Mystic Forge, hue-specific unidentified dyes Chef recipes, and other sources.
    • Both unidentified and identified dyes will remain tradable on the Trading Post.
    • The recipe for crafting Gift of Color requires 100 Unidentified Dyes instead of 250.[10]
  • As with equipment skins, you will need to log in to each character on your account in order to transfer the dyes unlocked on that character to account unlocks.
  • If you have dyes unlocked on multiple characters (besides the Starter set), you will receive an Unidentified Dye for each duplicate unlock.

Social play[править]

Account bound[править]

  • World Experience is being converted from character-bound to account-bound.
    • As with most character-to-account changes, you will need to log in to each character to have their individual WXP added to your account total.
    • World Ability Points will be reset. Characters will still be able to allocate points individually, and each character's total points will be based on your account's WXP rank.
  • Legendary weapons change binding from Soulbound on Use to Account Bound.
  • Ascended equipment is being converted from soulbound to account bound.

Structured PvP[править]

  • PvP equipment unified with PvE and WvW.
  • Reward tracks
    • Each track is a separate progression of rewards that you earn by gaining rank points. Only one reward track can be active at a time.
    • Individual reward tracks can be temporary or permanent, and one-time or repeatable.
    • Tracks have 40 rewards each, split into 8 tiers of 5, including loot boxes, crafting materials, Transmutation Charges, weapons, armor, skill points and Tomes of Knowledge.
    • Magic Find does affect the rewards you get from the loot boxes.
    • Dungeon reward tracks are on a rotating schedule, changing every two weeks. Characters that have completed the story mode of the respective dungeon have that reward track unlocked permanently. These are repeatable.[12]
    • Region reward tracks are also repeatable and are unlocked sequentially as you complete the previous ones.[12]
    • Balthazar Back Item Reward Track introduces Balthazar Carapace, a back piece obtainable only in PvP. This reward track is not repeatable.
    • Living World and holidays can come with special reward tracks.
    • Except for the Gift of Battle and Gift of Exploration, all materials for crafting legendary weapons as well as Empyreal Fragments, Bloodstone Dust and Dragonite Ore will be earnable in PvP.
  • PvP Build UI will allow you to easily customize your traits and equipment including runes and sigils for PvP matches.
    • All equipment stat combinations and traits from before this update are available to every character. New equipment and traits can be unlocked in the UI.
    • Underwater weapons are removed from PvP and Raid on the Capricorn is being retired.[12]
  • Quick Launch Bar UI for easy access to the PvP Build panel, game browser and arenas.
  • PvP rank points rebalanced.
    • Ranks from 39 on are fixed at approx. 20,000 rank points each. As a result, players with their rank in the mid 50s will now have enough points for rank 80.[12]
    • Each rank gives 5 skill points, 1 Tome of Knowledge and 5 champion bags.
    • After rank 80, you'll continue to gain the respective rewards just like you do in PvE and WvW after level 80.
  • Daily achievements unified with Daily PvP as well as Monthly with Monthly PvP. April 2014's monthly achievements will be split into two at first and will each require only 2 achievements for completion. When this release launches, they will be merged into one that requires 4 achievements to complete.

Система Мегасервера[править]

  • Players will no longer be segregated into separate copies of a map based on their home world selection. Instead, all players will be placed into shared copies (instances) of the map, which will be instantiated as necessary to hold the current population of that map.
    • Overflow shards will no longer exist.
    • Maps are still region-based, i.e. North American servers are separate from European servers.
  • Upon entering a map, players will be placed in the copy of the map based on a set of heuristics which includes your party, guild, language, and home world. This will dramatically increase the chance that you will be placed in the same map as your party and guildmates, or other players who speak your language.
  • The initial roll-out will affect PvP lobbies and low population maps.[13] This will allow the system to be tested on low population densities before being introduced to high population maps such as cities and popular spots for farming or events.
  • The roll-out of the megaserver system was completed on April 21st, 2014.

World bosses[править]


  • As a result of the new system, all contestable waypoints will appear contested except for ones in your current map. When traveling to a different map, you will have to first travel to a incontestable waypoint and then travel to a contestable waypoint.
    • Contestable dungeon entrances will appear contested unless you are in the same map.
    • Statues of the gods in the Ruins of Orr will now be linked to the closest temple, rather than being linked to the temple of the same god.

Guilds and World versus World[править]

  • Details on guilds and World versus World will be released as the date for the roll out of the new system approaches.
  • Changes to guilds will take place by December 2014.

Open world champions[править]

All open world champions have been converted into events to allow for them to scale for large groups, or have had their classification changed to elite or veteran:


  • Repairs will now be free. You will still have to visit a repair NPC or use an Instant Repair Canister to perform a repair.
  • The amount of gold from champion loot bags and events will be decreased. This is to compensate for the removal of systems (like repairs and trait resets) that previously removed gold from the economy.
  • The chance of rares and exotics in the mystic forge will be adjusted. This will not affect precursors.
  • Total achievement points from dailies is limited to 10,000 and from monthlies to 5,000.

Битва за Львиную Твердь: Последствия[править]

Gem Store (Магазин драгоценностей)
Новые сундуки с вознесенной (ascended) броней за ежедневное прохождение Fractals of the Mists (Фракталов Туманов)
Каждый сундук позволяет выбрать выбрать броню из нескольких наборов с различными вознесенными префиксами:
WvW эксклюзивное оружие

Битва за Львиную Твердь[править]

Gem Store

Побег из Львиной Тверди[править]

Lion's Arch Attack exclusive rewards
Back items
Crafting Materials

Край Туманов[править]

New map in The Mists
Gem Store

Истоки Безумия[править]

Living World content
  • New asura character, Taimi, is introduced in the storyline
World bosses
Twisted Marionette event rewards
Great Jungle Wurm rewards
Gem Store