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Screenshot of the wallet

The Wallet is a tab on the hero panel that tracks currency for each account. It can also be opened by clicking on the + in the lower-right corner of the inventory window. Currency earned by any character is automatically deposited into the wallet; currency spent by any character is automatically withdraw from it.


The wallet holds the following currencies:


  • Pristine Fractal Relics and Living World-related tokens are not included and there are no plans to add them.[1]
  • The wallet was introduced in the Queen's Jubilee release on August 6, 2013. Following this update, all of a character's currencies were automatically deposited into the wallet the first time that character was logged in to the game. Each character had to be logged in separately to deposit any currency held by that character. Currencies in the account vault were automatically deposited after the first login on that account.[2]
Mystic Forge recipes requiring currencies are not currently working, since there is currently no way to place things like Fractal Relics into the forge. source

Changes from the original system[править]

  • The account vault can no longer be used to store coin.[3]
    • Guild Vaults are not affected.
    • Players can mail coin from their account wallet to other players.
  • For relevant recipes, tokens will be removed directly from the wallet as required when crafting the item.[4]
  • The Gold Hoarder achievement requires accumulating 200 Золотая монета in the account wallet.