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Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows…

Unravel a mystery of monstrous proportions in The Lost Shores, a massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!

— Official website

The Lost Shores was a release that added new content in the Sea of Sorrows and launched on November 16th, 2012 at noon PST (20:00 GMT), involving a series of one-time events until November 18th. There were hints and teasers appearing before then to build up the new content. Much of the content remains in the game, including a new dungeon, new sPvP content, and a new explorable area.

Concurrent with the release, players who had purchased the game were able to invite up to three friends for a free trial, that lasted through the entire weekend. All players were scaled up to level 80 in the Sea of Sorrows, allowing friends to join players on their quest to push back the karka.

Новые особенности[править]

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Temporary features
  • A one-time weekend-long event that permanently changes the world in some places.
  • Prelude content with hints and teasers to build up the game release.
  • Unique minis, armor skins, town clothing, and weapon skins made for the Lost Shores event from Consortium Chests.
Permanent features


Free trial and teaser material November 15 09:00 12:00 17:00 18:00
Phase 1 November 16 12:00 15:00 20:00 21:00
Phase 2 November 17 12:00 15:00 20:00 21:00
Phase 3 November 18 12:00 15:00 20:00 21:00

Lost Shores[править]

Youtube.png Lost Shores Teaser имеет видео на YouTube.

The Lost Shores world event for the entire server puts Tyria in conflict with the karka, a deep ocean race that was driven from their home and have relocated to Southsun Cove. The event is described "as being a 'monster movie, invasion type thing' that will focus on the lore of Lion’s Arch." Players were scaled up to level 80 for the duration of this event, allowing all players to take part. The event involved researching and discovering a method to harm the karka, who are protected by armored plates that make them impermeable to normal attacks. Each phase was triggered by a special event, but you were able to enjoy additional content afterwards even if you couldn't make the kick-off time.

The event culminated in a one-time only event chain that ran multiple hours with a finale of defeating the Ancient Karka. Players received a special reward at the event completion.

Phase 1[править]

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  • Defend Lion’s Arch from strange creatures rising from the sea and assist in revealing the mystery behind their origins.
  • Researcher Dessa opens up the Fractals of the Mists in Lion's Arch half an hour into the event.
  • Inspector Ellen Kiel sends you off on a scavenger hunt to investigate.

Phase 2[править]

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Phase 3[править]

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Dungeon: Fractals of the Mist[править]

Файл:Uncategorized Fractal.jpg
One of the mini-dungeons in Fractals of the Mists
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Fractals of the Mists is a dungeon that was released in the update. It starts in a hub area, Mistlock Observatory, and features nine mini-dungeons, or fractals, that are randomly assigned to players that attempt it, becoming more difficult with repeated attempts. Parties can be of any level, and the dungeon will scale based on the highest common attained level, but it is mainly designed for level 80 players.[1] Rewards include new weapon sets, a back-slot item, and new Ascended loot, among others.[2]

PvP Map: Temple of the Silent Storm[править]

Файл:Temple of the Silent Storm.jpg
Temple of the Silent Storm
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Temple of the Silent Storm is a new structured PvP (sPVP) map being released as a beta version. The setting is a kodan iceberg with a distinctive look and a more vertical layout than previous dungeons. Buffs that team members earn will affect the players and game objectives during gameplay.[2]

Jumping Puzzles[править]

Events (historical content)[править]

The Lost Shores special event appears in the event assistant, acting as an umbrella for the entire event.

Phase 1
  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
    • The karka have attacked Lion's Arch. Speak to Head Researcher Levvi or Inspector Ellen Kiel in Lion's Arch to respond to the karka threat.
    • Speak with Lionguard Tyrro to learn about the mysterious rift.
    • Invasion of Lion's Arch meta event
  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
  • Speak with Lionguard Tyrro to learn about the mysterious rift.
Phase 2
  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
  • Speak with Lionguard Tyrro to learn about the mysterious rift.
    • The Lionguard are preparing to test their alchemical weapon on the karka in Lion's Arch.
    • The Lionguard are launching a counteroffensive on the karka colony. Speak to the transport facilitator to board a ship to Southsun Cove.
    • The Lost Shores (meta event), up to Karka Camp
Phase 3
  • Something has been stirring in the Sea of Sorrows.
  • The Lionguard are engaging the Ancient Karka. Head to Southsun Cove to participate.


Gem Store[править]

Item Gem Cost Qty $ £ Description
Consortium Chest 250 Gem.png
1800 Gem.png
Filled with interesting items found by the Consortium along the Lost Shores. Commonly containing breathing masks or shoulder skins, these chests have a rare chance to contain unique weapon skins, and even more rarely, new mini pets.

Account Bound
Consortium Dye Kit 125 Gem.png
500 Gem.png
Contains one random blue dye and one random yellow dye. Once a dye has been unlocked on a character it can be used as many times as you like to color armor and town clothes. Dyes can also be used as components for Mystic Forge recipes.

Account Bound


November 1

The prelude for this content began on November 1st, immediately following the end of the Halloween content. Several new ships appeared in Lion's Arch displaying an emblem also found on Bloodtide Coast pirates, with cargo showing a special symbol. That symbol was tracked to a house (near Claw Island Portage Waypoint) with a deactivated Asura gate nearby, filled with charts.

There was also a new sign that appeared on the beach warning travelers.

DANGER Enter at your own risk Lion’s Arch Authorities cannot be held responsible for missing/stolen/damaged and/or devoured appendages, small children, dinghies, fruit baskets, skritt, pumpkin flavored marshmallows, spoons, goofy hats, Ascalonian salads, pocket watches, earrings, in-laws, spirits of the wild, eye patches, war machines, seraph, rhubarb pies, mystical artifacts of unquestionable power, mystical artifacts of questionable power, seeing-eye squirrels and carp."

— Translated Text

November 2

ArenaNet released two halves of a poster via social media[3][4], and that same poster was discovered inside the Consortium Gift Shop and around the city.

Avast! Ahoy all ye landlubbers!

The hardworking members of the consortium are proud to announce the upcoming unveiling of your dream vacation! coming soon we will open the gate – the Asura gate – connecting Lion’s Arch to a veritable tropical paradise of magnificent proportions!

Swim in the radiant waters*! Relax on the beach*! Dance the night away*!

Prepare to hoist your jolly roger and to embark on a most majestic adventure with your favorite band of salty dogs!

Arr You Ready?

* Towels not included. The consortium cannot be held responsible for aquatic-related and rhythmic-related injuries(or other injuries related to misadventure or otherwise general buffoonery). Our medical staff will be on-call to happily ignore your needs should they inevitably arise."

— Translated Text

In addition, whales were sighted beached on shorelines in Lion's Arch with NPCs tending to them.

November 5
ArenaNet released a new poster via social media [5].


Dangerous sea monsters

Lion’s Arch Authorities kindly remind all visitors that sea monsters have rendered our beaches unsafe for the general public. Should you choose to ignore this warning then upon your inevitable, grisly demise members of our local pirate population will insure the fair division of your remaining, worldly possessions. Despite your potential horrible end, find comfort in the knowledge that you will soon no longer care and that you will have made a generous contribution to those who, ironically, have more respect of the rules than you do.

— Translated Text

These posters were sighted inside the Consortium Gift Shop as well as around the city.

November 6

During an update, the whales and resort posters were removed.


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