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This template defines values available on all items and is implemented as a subtemplate on all infobox templates for items.

{{default item parameter
| status =
| collection =
| rarity =
| level =
| race = 
| unique =
| bound =
| cost =
| value =
| id =
| skin id =


The following parameters are handled by the {{Default item parameter}} template:

Optional. If the item is part of any collections.
Specified rarity: junk, basic, fine, masterwork, rare, exotic, ascended, legendary. Will be set to Unspecified per default.
Optional. Required level to use the item.
Optional. Required race to use item. Currently only used for cultural armor and cultural weapons.
Optional. Whether the item is unique. "y" for yes, omit parameter if no.
Optional. Under what conditions the item becomes bound: no binding (default), use (soulbound on use), acquire (soulbound on acquisition), account, account soul (account bound on acquire, soul bound on use)
Optional. Currency cost of the item when purchased from a vendor. To match it to the display in any vendor window, use the amount and the appropriate icon template, e.g. {{coin|500}}, 500 {{item icon|zhaitaffy}}, or 500 {{token|Guild Commendation}}
Optional. The number of Медная монета coins a vendor will pay for this item; use only the number, since the template assumes copper coins.
Optional. The item id. Does allow multiple ids to be set by using a comma-separated list.
other ids
Optional. Other item ids that are not displayed as chat links.
skin id
Optional. If given, an additional skin chat link will be displayed above the item chat link.

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