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{{gww|article name}}
{{gww|article name|alternative text}}

Used in articles where the Guild Wars Wiki may have more information and relevance concerning the original series.


unnamed parameter 1
Optional. Target article name (on GWW)
unnamed parameter 2
Optional. Link text.


  • Place at the top of the article's Trivia section. If there is no Trivia section, place it at the top of the lowest section on the page instead.
  • This template's purpose is to provide a link between elements which appear in both games, such as: Droknar's Forge, Glob of Ectoplasm, Celestial Compass.
  • It's preferred not to use this template for elements which are merely inspired by elements from the original Guild Wars, such as: Sunspear Outfit, Sight beyond Sight, Zodiac Axe Skin.
    • Use {{Guild Wars skill}} for skills and traits.
    • Write your own Trivia line for other elements, for example:
* {{icon|misc|Gwwlogo.png|gww:Order of the Sunspears}} This outfit resembles the armor worn by [[gww:Order of the Sunspears|Sunspear NPCs]] in the original ''[[Guild Wars]]''.

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Gwwlogo.png На Guild Wars Wiki (англ) есть статья про Template:gw2w.