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This is a notice template for content that no longer exists in the game. The page will be added to Category:Historical content or one of the historical subcategories depending on its context. An infobox will place this tag if its status is marked as historical.

{{historical content}}
{{historical content|content description}}

Within an infobox
| status = historical


1 (unnamed parameter)
Content description — used to explain why something is historical.
Optional. If using this template outside of an infobox, this parameter can be used to set the precise historical content category. Possible options are as follows:
  • achievement
  • event
  • effect
  • item
  • location
  • npc
  • object
  • recipe
  • renown heart
  • skill
  • skin
  • story
  • trait
Optional. Creates a link to the game update page which caused the content to become historical. Format: YYYY-MM-DD

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