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This template provides an icon in the top-right corner of a page with an infobox to indicate when content was released.


Specify the expansion/release required to access the content. Multiple values can be separated by a comma (,).

The template is only for use in an infobox, for pages lacking an infobox users should use notice templates directly.

{{infobox requires|<requires>}}


Unnamed parameter 1
The release required to access the content. Accepted values (ignores case):
  • hot, heart of thorns
  • pof, path of fire
  • lws1, living world season 1
  • lws2, living world season 2
    • gates of maguuma
    • entanglement
    • the dragon's reach: part 1
    • the dragon's reach: part 2
    • echoes of the past
    • tangled paths
    • seeds of truth
    • point of no return
  • lws3, living world season 3
    • out of the shadows
    • rising flames
    • a crack in the ice
    • the head of the snake
    • flashpoint
    • one path ends
  • lws4, living world season 4
    • daybreak
    • a bug in the system
    • long live the lich
    • a star to guide us


{{infobox requires|hot}}
{{infobox requires|lws2}}
{{infobox requires|out of the shadows}}

Within an infobox
| requires = hot, lws3

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