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Skill.png [[{{{1}}}|
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{{item icon|<item name>}}

Displays a link to the item and adds the item icon in front of it.


unnamed parameter 1
Item name. Defaults to "Item".
unnamed parameter 2
Link text. Defaults to <Item name>.
Defines the icon to use. Defaults to Property:Has game icon if the icon has a name, otherwise File:Skill.png.
Put anything for this to make the icon twice as large.


  • Crushed Skull.png Crushed Skull is produced from {{item icon|Crushed Skull}}
  • Skill.png Shell (item) is produced from {{item icon|Shell (item)}}
  • Skill.png Shelly is produced from {{item icon|Shell (item)|Shelly}}
  • Skill.png Example is produced from {{item icon|Nonexistent page|Example}}