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With few exceptions, all item stats (weapon strength, armor defense, and attribute bonuses) in Guild Wars 2 are derived from an item's type, level, and rarity. This template provides an interface to a set of lookup tables that contain these stats for all type/level/rarity combinations that currently exist. The intent is to decrease the burden on editors to enter accurate data for every individual item.

The template can be called multiple times on the same page to generate stats for different items.


{{item stat lookup|type=<type>|level=<level>|rarity=<rarity>}}
{{item stat lookup|type=<type>|level=<level>|rarity=<rarity>|class=<armor class>}}
The item's type, e.g. sword, helm, amulet, etc.
The item's required level.
The item's rarity.
Armor only The item's armor class: light, medium, or heavy.


No direct output is produced. Instead, the following variables are populated for later access.

  • All items
    • #var:major attribute
    • #var:minor attribute
    • #var:celestial nbr
    • #var:boon duration
    • #var:condition duration
    • #var:magic find
  • Armor and shields
    • #var:defense
  • Weapons
    • #var:min strength
    • #var:max strength


{{item stat lookup|type=short bow|rarity=blue|level=80}}
Weapon strength of a fine level 80 short bow: {{#var:min strength}} – {{#var:max strength}}

Weapon strength of a fine level 80 short bow: 690 – 762

{{item stat lookup|type=helm|rarity=rare|level=78|class=heavy}}
Defense of a rare level 78 heavy helm: {{#var:defense}}
* Major attribute bonus: {{#var:major attribute}}
* Minor attribute bonus: {{#var:minor attribute}}

Defense of a rare level 78 heavy helm: 103

  • Major attribute bonus: 39
  • Minor attribute bonus: 27