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Location infobox



This infobox should be used for regions, zones, areas, points of interest, etc., i.e. all locations mentioned here. See also parameter type below.

{{Location infobox
| name = 
| hearts =
| waypoints =
| points-of-interest =
| hero challenges =
| vistas = 
| map =
| map text = 
| levels =
| type =
| within =
| connections =
| pets =
| loading-screen =
| screenshot =
| sstext =
| id =


All parameters are optional.

Location name. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}
Number of renown hearts
Number of waypoints
Number of points of interest
hero challenges
Number of hero challenges
Number of vistas
Map image (do not include the "File:" prefix). Defaults to '{{PAGENAME}} map.jpg'
map text
Optional. Defaults to "Map of {{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}". As an example, this could be used on zone articles with multiple layers to label that the particular area is on the Depths level.
Depends on the type used, see as follows
Zone: The level range for the zone. Separate minimum and maximum levels with a single hyphen "-", e.g. 60 - 70
Area: The effective level of the area. For the case of dungeon areas where there is an explorable level and a story level, separate values with commas.
The type of location. Use plain text with no wiki-links.
Available options: "Continent", "Region", "Zone", "Area", "City", "Guild hall", "Dungeon", "Activity", "Raid", "Point of interest", "Landmark", "Jumping puzzle", "Mini-dungeon", "Guild puzzle", or "Instance".
The parent location of the location being described. Use plain text with no wiki-links. For zones, this should be a region; for areas, this should be a zone; for everything else, this will usually be an area. If within is an area or zone, the parent of within will be displayed underneath in small text.
Other locations that this one has connections to. Usually only specified on zones. Separate multiple connections with <br> and add your own wiki-links. The cardinal direction is usually specified in brackets after the zone name; (N), (S), (E), (W), (NE), etc. In the case of a portal, add (portal) instead of direction. See the Queensdale example below.
Ranger-tameable juvenile animals. Like "connections" above, separate with <br> and provide links manually. Include for zone infoboxes, redundant for location infoboxes (see discussion page).
Defaults to "n". Only set equal to "y" if the location has map objectives that contribute towards world completion (core tyria).
Loading screen image (do not include the "File:" prefix). Defaults to '{{PAGENAME}} loading screen.jpg'
Screenshot (do not include the "File:" prefix). Defaults to '{{PAGENAME}}.jpg'
Screenshot text
Use to specify the SVG locator image if the page name doesn't match the filename. Defaults to '{{PAGENAME}} locator.svg'
Optional. The X and Y coordinates for the location. Displays an interactive map with a marker at the given location. e.g. [12345, 31321]. Only displayed for pages with the "type" set equal to "Point of interest" or "Landmark". See Template:Infobox map for details on how to capture coordinates.
Optional. If set, uses local wiki tiles instead of the API raster tiles. See Category:Map raster tiles.
The game ID for the location, displayed as a game link. Only shown for points of interest, but should also be set on Zone articles as this allows Template:Zone map v2 to work.
"y" or "n" to turn on/off categorization. Default is on for main namespace articles and off for others. If using "status", don't set this parameter.
Status of content. Only set if not currently obtainable ingame, displays relevant notice. Available options: "historical", "future", "unimplemented", "current" (default). See {{infobox status}} for options.
status notes
Additional notes to explain the given status. For example, if the content was only available during a specific release.
status date
Optional. Sets the date of the update that marked this skill as historical (in YYYY-MM-DD format).
The expansion or living world season required to access the content. Displays a notice of the release. See {{infobox requires}} for options.


{{Location infobox
| name = Queensdale
| map = Queensdale map.jpg
| type = Zone
| within = Kryta
| hearts = 17
| waypoints = 16
| points-of-interest = 21
| hero challenges = 7
| vistas = 3
| levels = 1-17
| connections = [[Divinity's Reach]] (N)<br>[[Gendarran Fields]] (E)<br>[[Kessex Hills]] (S)
| pets = [[Krytan Drakehound]]<br>[[Forest Spider]]<br>[[Pig]]<br>[[River Drake]]
| loading-screen = Queensdale loading screen.jpg

{{Location infobox
| name = Salma District
| map = Salma District Map POI.jpg
| type = Instance
| within = Divinity's Reach
| points-of-interest = 5
| loading-screen = Salma District loading screen.jpg

{{Location infobox
| name = Barradin's Vaults
| type = Point of interest
| within = Charr's Triumph
| id = 1458


Complete heart (map icon).png
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Point of interest.png
Hero point.png

Ошибка создания миниатюры: Файл с размерами больше 12,5 MP

Map of Queensdale

Queensdale loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Salma District

Point of interest.png

Salma District Map POI.jpg
Map of Salma District

Salma District loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Barradin's Vaults

Point of interest.png
Point of Interest
Charr's Triumph
Game link

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