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{{Mastery infobox
| points = 
| experience = 
| region = 
| track = 
| tier = 
| description = 
| mastered description = 


Optional. Mastery name. Defaults to the page name.
Required. The number of mastery points required to use the mastery.
Required. The amount of experience required to acquire the mastery.
Required. The region that the track is unlocked in. (e.g. "Heart of Maguuma")
Required. The mastery track that the specific mastery is under. (e.g. "Gliding")
Required. The mastery track tier.
Required. The in-game description.
mastered description 
Optional. The in-game description of the mastery once it's been mastered.
Optional. "y" or "n" to turn on/off categorization. Default is on for main namespace articles and off for others. If using "status", don't set this parameter.
Optional. Status of content. Only set if not currently obtainable ingame, displays relevant notice. Available options: "historical", "future", "unimplemented", "current" (default).
status notes 
Optional. Allows provision of additional reason for the given status.
status date 
Optional. Sets the date of the update that marked this skill as historical (in YYYY-MM-DD format).
Optional. The expansion or living world season required to access the content. Displays a notice of the release. See {{infobox requires}} for options.


{{Mastery infobox
| points = 1
| xp = 508000
| region = Heart of Maguuma
| track = Gliding
| tier = 1
| description = Gain access to the glider so that you can glide like a squirrel across the highest points of the Heart of Maguuma.
| mastered description = To glide, jump from a high place, and then press the jump key again while falling.
| requires = hot
Glider Basics.png

Glider Basics

Очки мастерства Heart of Maguuma

Регион цепочки
Heart of Thorns
Цепочка мастерства
Требуется опыта
1 016 000

До открытия: Improved design to your glider handles and slits in the wings let you confidently fly into updrafts, allowing you to gain altitude and travel to previously unreachable locations. 

После открытия: Updrafts are pillars of swirling wind found around the Maguuma Jungle. To use updrafts, simply glide into them and receive an elevation boost.

— Внутриигровое описание