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{{Release table row
| name = 
| date = 
| description =
| category = 
| story = 
| features = 
| icons = 
| date-color = 
| release-color = 
| file = 

Use with {{Release table header}} and the following frame:

{{Release table header|Header title}}
{{Release table row| … }}
{{Release table row| … }}


Name of the release page.
Optional. The text to appear on the link to the release page. (Defaults to the canonical name of the release.)
Date of launch. If written in the "yyyy-mm-dd" format, it displays the date in the "Month day, year" format and links to the corresponding update by default (if it's not in the future).
The type of the release, displayed at the top of the features section. The values story, special event and expansion also change the left border color to help distinguish between the main release types.
Story steps for this release. Each step is on a separate line. If you need to display different text than the page name use the format: page name{{!}}link text. Value TBD doesn't create a link.
The feature section in regular wikicode.
The icon links to achievement pages. Each icon is on a separate line and has the format: page name;icon name (without the File: prefix).
If set to y, the #recent anchor will point to this release.
The font colors of the date and release links respectively. (Typically only the "date-color" value will be changed, and the "release-color" will be left as "white")
The name of the background image if it doesn't match the typical naming convention of File:<release name> backdrop.jpg. If the value is none, no image will be displayed.
Optional. If set to n, stops the date linking to the corresponding Game updates page. If set to a date in the "yyyy-mm-dd" format, the link will lead to that update page instead.
Optional. Short description of the release. (Appears when hovering over parts of the row that don't contain links.)
Optional. The scale of the background image - typically left empty, but could scale larger image to fit using this parameter.
Optional. If set to y, the background image will be flipped horizontally.
Optional. If set to y, the background image will be faded out slightly. This is intended for use in annual festival repeats so that new content releases stand out more in the lists.
Optional. Parameters to position the background image within the 206 by 60px background frame.
Optional. Can be used to make a taller link tile. Defaults to 60px, should not be made smaller.
Optional. Changes the right margin of the release name in the background frame. Defaults to 60px.
Optional. Changes the left margin of the icons, occasionally useful to match story chapter row count across browsers. Defaults to 0px.


Основная статья: Release
{{Release table header|Season 1}}
{{Release table row
| name = Release
| date = 2012-10-22
| icons = Tyria (achievements);Tyria (achievements).png
          Living World;Special event (map icon).png
| description = This is the description section. Usually it's the same description as the one on the official site.
| features =
* This is the feature section.
* Usually it's a bullet point list of the most important features in the release.