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A section stub is a section of an article that has missing or incomplete information — this has nothing to do with length: short sections are not necessarily stubs and long ones are not necessarily complete.

As a rule of thumb, use this template sparingly:

  • Don't use a stub on a new article or if it's generally obvious that the article is incomplete.
  • Do use the stub when an article appears substantially complete, but isn't.
    • Always include a reason for stubbing, using the reason = parameter.
    • Generally remove the tag if it does not include the reason and you cannot add them yourself.

This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Articles with stub sections or an appropriate subcategory.



type of article
  • This can be anything from armor to weapon; it will determine into which category of stubs that article is placed.
  • This makes it more likely for people to be able to fill in the missing information. It has no effect on the article or categories.
  • If you cannot add a reason for stubbing, reconsider whether the tag is appropriate.


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