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{{Skill infobox/historical
| date = YYYY-MM-DD
| changes = 
* Patch notes go here, they can be on multiple lines. Start each line with a bullet as it appears in the patch notes.
| name = Flare
| description = Send a small ball of fire towards your foe.
| id = 1234


Unless otherwise specified below, all parameters are common with the {{skill infobox}} template, see that page for documentation.

Optional. Specify in the format that matches the game update page titles. (i.e. YYYY-MM-DD). If specified, a level 2 section header is created with the date. If not specified, defaults to the text "Original version" in the title and no patch notes page link is generated.
Optional. If specified, inserts a section beneath the title wrapped in a dotted border. Patch notes should be here as found on the game update page.
Optional. If specified, preferably as "y" the infobox will be hidden and only the changes will be shown. Use for minor bug fix patch notes etc which don't have an effect on the appearance of the infobox.
Optional. Suppresses the section creation.


{{Skill infobox/historical
| date = 2015-12-15
| changes = 
* Replaced pulsing {{effect|Blur}} with pulsing {{effect|Distortion (effect)}}, thus [[Capture point|preventing capture-point contribution]].
* Increased casting time {{activation}} to 0.75 seconds.
* Reduced aftercast delay to 0 seconds.
| icon = Skill.png
| description = This is an example.
| activation = 1.5
| recharge = 45
| variables = {{skill fact|bleeding|5}}
| specialization = tempest
| slot = weapon
| twohand = staff
| attunement = fire
| weapon-slot = 5
| ground-target = circle
| id = 12345

15 декабря 2015

This is an example.

Bleeding.png Кровотечение (5 сек): 110 урона.

— Внутриигровое описание [?]