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This template provides the appropriate biography text from the character creation screen for a given biography choice. It is used in {{Story infobox}}.


{{Story infobox/biography text|<choice>}}


Type the option on the left-hand side of the equals sign.

  • Asura
    • Statics = Biography Statics.png College of Statics
    • Dynamics = Biography Dynamics.png College of Dynamics
    • Synergetics = Biography Synergetics.png College of Synergetics
    • VAL-A Golem = Biography VAL-A Golem.png VAL-A Golem
    • Transatmospheric Converter = Biography Transatmospheric Converter.png Transatmospheric Converter
    • Infinity Ball = Biography Infinity Ball.png Infinity Ball
  • Charr
    • Blood Legion = Biography Blood Legion.png Blood Legion
    • Ash Legion = Biography Ash Legion.png Ash Legion
    • Iron Legion = Biography Iron Legion.png Iron Legion
    • Loyal Soldier = Biography Loyal Soldier.png Loyal Soldier
    • Sorcerous Shaman = Biography Sorcerous Shaman.png Sorcerous Shaman
    • Honorless Gladium = Biography Honorless Gladium.png Honorless Gladium
  • Human
    • Commoner = Biography Commoner.png Commoner
    • Nobility = Biography Nobility.png Nobility
    • Street Rat = Biography Street Rat.png Street Rat
    • Unknown Parents = Biography Unknown Parents.png Unknown Parents
    • Dead Sister = Biography Dead Sister.png Dead Sister
    • Missed Opportunity = Biography Missed Opportunity.png Missed Opportunity
  • Norn
    • Defeat Our Ancient Foes = 20px Defeat Our Ancient Foes
    • Protect the Spirits = 20px Protect the Spirits
    • Guard the Mists = 20px Guard the Mists
    • Blacked Out = Biography Blacked Out.png Blacked Out
    • Revenge = Biography Revenge.png Sought Revenge
    • Lost an Heirloom = Biography Lost an Heirloom.png Lost an Heirloom
  • Sylvari
    • White Stag = Biography White Stag.png Dreams of the White Stag
    • Green Knight = 20px Dreams of the Green Knight
    • Shield of the Noon = Biography Shield of the Moon.png Dreams of the Shield of the Moon
    • Act With Wisdom = Biography Act With Wisdom.png "Act with wisdom, but act"
    • Right to Grow = Biography Right To Grow.png "All things have a right to grow"
    • Where Life Goes = Biography Where Life Goes.png "Where life goes, so too, should you"