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Banner indicating an Adventure.

Adventures are a new feature in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, set to challenge level 80 players. Adventures are indicated on the map and in the game world, as illustrated to the right.

Every adventure is performance-based and repeatable, and instance the player. Adventures have accompanying leaderboards for friends and guild members, allowing players to compare and compete with each other.

Adventures are closely tied to masteries, how and how much hasn't been revealed yet.

When the player accepts an adventure, a new user interface element shows the player what to do. Each adventure has some tension, and is said not only to be time constraints.


Players will be rewarded for meeting set tiers. Players will also be rewarded for placing on the leaderboard.

Possible adventures[править]

Adventure Zone Area Closest Waypoint Time Limit Notes
Tendril Torching Verdant Brink Dry Step Mesas Shipwreck Peak Waypoint
2 minutes Burn as many tendrils as possible in 2 minutes.
Bugs in the Branches Verdant Brink Itzel Grounds Itzel Grounds Waypoint
Collect bugs until time runs out.
Potent Potions Verdant Brink Itzel Grounds Itzel Grounds Waypoint
Save Our Supplies Verdant Brink Collect Pact supplies tangled in the vines.
Spider Slaying Verdant Brink Itzel Grounds Itzel Grounds Waypoint
Vine Pit Salvage Verdant Brink Shrouded Ruins Shrouded Ruins Waypoint
Stay alive while collecting salvage.

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