Ammunition System

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Disambig icon.png "Ammunition" перенаправляет сюда. Для the effect associated with Solvent Sprayer, смотрите Ammunition (effect).

The Ammunition System, or ammo system for short, is a mechanic given to certain skills, allowing them to be cast repeatedly within a short amount of time before going on cooldown.


  • Ammo skills have a maximum number of uses that regenerates over time.
  • Each ammo skill has a short recharge between uses that varies per skill.
  • Count Recharge and recharge between uses are affected by recharge-reduction skills and traits.
    • Maximum Count.png Maximum Count - The maximum number of times the skill can be used before going on cooldown.
    • Count Recharge.png Count Recharge - The time it takes to regain one ammo. There is a thin white border around the skill indicating how much time is remaining until you gain another ammo.
  • Only one ammo is regenerated at a time for a given skill (i.e. if 2 ammo is missing on a skill that takes 20 seconds to recharge each, it will take 40 seconds to fully recover all ammo)

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