An Unusual Inheritance

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An Unusual Inheritance

1325 AE
Blood Tribune Quarters
Charr tango icon 20px.png charr

Rytlock Brimstone is a highly influential and one of the fiercest fighters among the charr. If he's summoned you, there must be a compelling reason.

— In-game description

An Unusual Inheritance is part of the personal story for charr characters who chose their sire to be a Loyal Soldier.


An Unusual Inheritance (level 11)

Report to the Tribune Brimstone's office at the top of the Imperator's Core.

  • Meet Rytlock in his office.
  • Read the letter from your sire.
  • Speak with Rytlock about the letter.

Search Windrock Maze for clues.

  • Meet your warband outside the Maze.
  • Code fragments found: x/3
  • Get the key from the hidden chest.
  • Defeat Bonecracker.

  • 2 003 
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Go to the Imperator's Core in the Black Citadel and talk with Rytlock, He will say he has news for you. It is in the form of a letter that appears in your Mailbox. Talk to Rytlock after reading the letter and he will send you to Windrock Maze. At Windrock Maze talk to your warband survivor and they will accompy you. Your two new warband members will seperate and search different areas. Depending on your class, the Skelk can be quite difficult. Attempt to focus on one at a time and note they frequently stealth then circle around behind you.

Follow the map markers to the clues. As you find clues the other warband members will rejoin you one at a time. After all three clues are found, follow the marker to the chest. The chest is at the bottom of a small pool and guarded by Bonecracker. It is possible to use a distance weapon to defeat the Barracuda near the top of the pool from the shore while they are unable to reach you. Defeat Bonecracker and the recover the key part from the chest.





Approaching Rytlock

Rytlock: Ah, Legionaire. Glad you could make it. I've got some news I wanted to deliver to you personally.

The letter in your mailbox titled, My Last Will and Testament.

I am sending this missive as I've been wounded in action and am slowly succumbing to my injuries. I have to tell you: years ago, my warband and I found a strange treasure in the ruins of the Grendich Courthouse. We couldn't divide it up, so we struck a deal: the last survivor would inherit the whole thing. As it happens, I am the last survivor. However, as my life is coming to an end, I am leaving it to you. We broke the key to the treasure room in half and hid the peices in separate locations. Look for a chest submerged within Windrock Maze: its combination is hidden on the walls of the maze. The second half of the key is in Lamia Mire—follow the old-fashioned trail markers we left on the trees. If you find the treasure, it's yours. Think of it as my legacy. Live well. Be strong. Be victorious.
—Your father, Argus Foolkiller

After reading the letter.

<Player name>: My sire's letter says his warband found treasure near the old Grendich courthouse.
<Player name>: They hid it until only one warbandmate was left to claim it. Unfortunately, my sire's entire warband went down together, so it falls to me.
Rytlock: Very interesting. I've always suspected that courthouse held valuable relic. I used to explore around there when I was a cub.
Rytlock: You've got me curious. If that treasure is a powerful or valuable human relic, the Imperator will need to be informed.
Rytlock: I'm relieving you of regular duty until you track this down. Report back to me as soon as you know anything.

Outside Windrock Maze:

<Warband Survivor>: I'm ready. What's the plan?
Talk quest option tango.png
You're with me. Luccia searches to the left, Zemzer to the right. Move out.
Talk end option tango.png
Stand by. I need a moment to survey the terrain.

At the eastern rock:

Suspicious Rock: Lichen and dirt nearly obscure the symbols carved into the rock. It reads: "— — 4".
Talk quest option tango.png
It's part of the code my sire's letter mentioned. I'll not it.
<Warband Survivor>: Hey! One code acquired. We're definitely on our way.

As Zemzer appears:

Zemzer Undercut: Prepare to bleed!

At the western rock:

Suspicious Rock: Lichen and dirt nearly obscure the symbols carved into the rock. It reads: "— 0 —".
Talk quest option tango.png
It's part of the code my sire's letter mentioned. I'll not it.

As Luccia appears:

Luccia Wildeye: Prepare to suffer!

At the southern rock:

Skelk Nest: Like all skelk nests, this one is a loathsome collection of mud, sticks, feathers, and hair. Unlike most skelk nests, this one seems misshapen, like it was built over something unusual.
Talk quest option tango.png
Clear off the center of the nest.
Talk end option tango.png
Leave the nest alone.
Suspicious Rock: A boulder inside this stinking skelk's nest has odd markings carved deep into the rock. It reads: "8 — —".
Talk quest option tango.png
That's the last bit of code. Time to unlock the chest!
<Warband Survivor>: Hey! One code acquired. We're definitely on our way.

At the chest after finding all three code fragments:

Sunken Chest: A tarnished metal chest is secreted away under the rocks. Sand and sediment clog the combination lock, but the mechanism appears to be functional.
Talk quest option tango.png
Enter the combination: "8 — 0 — 4".
Talk more option tango.png
Guess at the combination. How hard can it be?
Talk end option tango.png
Leave it alone.
Sunken Chest: You slide the numbers into position, and the old chest clicks open. Nestled inside, there's one half of a broken old key.
Talk end option tango.png
Take the key.

My Story[править]

An Unusual Inheritance

Rytlock Brimstone gave me a letter that my sire, Argus Foolkiller, wrote on his deathbed. It mentioned a treasure hidden at Grendich Ruins and where to find the key that unlocks it. With Brimstone's permission, I went looking for the pieces of the key.

I explored Windrock Maze and found the first half of the key mentioned in my sire's letter. I'm going to Lamia Mire to find the second half.

My story