April Fools' Day 2019

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For April Fools' Day 2019, Anet released, just as years before, an April Fools Patch with humorous "updates" such as adding a "season fractal bird" for each Profession, and making Stonemist Castle a guild decoration.

ArenaNet's fool[править]

Flatulence of the Chairs[править]

  • Siting on chairs in game played a random fart sound, such "feature" was actually listed in the April Fools Patch.

Community Fools[править]

Smoulderin' Smodur[править]

The wiki made a parody of the famous Disney song Let It Go song by the character Smodur the Unflinching. It also created a fake forum post called It's About Banding Together, where they teased the 5th season of living world with many instrument based features and merging the wiki with Wikia.

French language wiki[править]

The French language wiki was dedicated to Evon Gnashblade and the Black Lion Trading Company and offered an exclusive selection of products purchasable on the main page.


The site "gw2efficiency" pretended to be hit by an earthquake and had its layout angled sideways.


  • The discord server service bot "GW2Bot" posted a fake news update that guild wars 2 would be going into Maintenance Mode, with a link that lead to a rickroll.
  • The Guild Wars 2 Reddit Discord server changed its name to Bless Online Discord.