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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the zone. Для the achievement category, смотрите Arborstone (achievements).


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Connects to
The Echovald Wilds (SE)
New Kaineng City (NW)
Lion's Arch
Arborstone or the Cathedral zu Heltzer (named after Count zu Heltzer) is located within the Echovald Forest and many years ago was the home of the Kurzicks serving as a great city. It now serves as a hub for the Kestrels.

The zone starts fairly bare, but the Arborstone Revitalization mastery track allows the player to build out this base in a similar fashion to the Eye of the North, unlocking new interactions, services and collections.

Getting there[править]


Arborstone is unlocked upon completion of the Fallout story step.
You only have to do this once to unlock Arborstone for all characters on your account. Note: it is possible to teleport to a friend in Arborstone before unlocking the story step and unlock the waypoint in there. No services will be available and you will not be able to re-enter via the portal (but can leave and re-enter via a waypoint).

Each completed Mastery in the Arborstone Revitalization mastery track adds new NPCs and/or structures to the area.


Arborstone was the home of the Kurzicks serving the House zu Heltzer, it grew so large that it became a city, to the point that the Council of Nobles decided that the entire area should have an official name. Count zu Heltzer predictably suggested that the area be named Cathedral zu Heltzer, but the other Nobles of the House did not agree, and the name Arborstone won the final vote.

At one point, the structure was guarded to keep out Wardens and other creatures of the Echovald Forest, but these protective magics decayed over time, so the forest dwellers took over, forcing the Kurzicks to leave. The Urn of Saint Viktor used to be displayed in the northwest section of the cathedral proper.

Related masteries[править]

# Мастерство Треб. опыта Очки Описание
1 Base of Operations Base of Operations 381 000 Очки мастерства End of Dragons Создайте оперативную базу в Древокамне.
Увеличивает усиление в получении опыта при отдыхе в Гостинице Древокамня на 5%.
Сумма 381 000 Очки мастерства End of Dragons

Locations and objectives[править]

Waypoint (tango icon).png
Arborstone Waypoint —
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Club Canach Waypoint — (Unlocked after completing the The Cycle, Reborn chapter.)
Points of Interest
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Arborstone Inn
Point of interest.png
Club Canach
Point of interest.png
Danika's Respite
Point of interest.png
Hall of Remembrance
Point of interest.png
Kaga's Hearth
Point of interest.png
Kestrel Archives
Point of interest.png
Longfeather Plaza
Point of interest.png
Quartermaster's Row
Point of interest.png
Sanctuary of the Five
Point of interest.png
Singer's Fountain
Point of interest.png
The Exchange
Point of interest.png
The Ready Room
Point of interest.png
The Roost
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png
Tsuko Talonedge
Personal waypoint (map icon).png
Arborstone Arena
Personal waypoint (map icon).png
Command Quarters
Asura Gates
Asura gate (map icon).png
Lion's Arch Asura Gate (Base of Operations mastery required)


0 Unlocked automatically.
1 Unlocked by Base of Operations mastery.
2 Unlocked by Crafting Center mastery.
3 Unlocked by Entertaining Amenities mastery.
4 Unlocked by Commercial Hub mastery.
5 Unlocked by Globalization mastery.
6 Unlocked by The Cycle, Reborn story chapter.
Black Lion Collections.png
Has a collection.


Ambient creatures
Jade Mechs
Moa 6



Ambient creatures


Books and memorials
Club Canach furniture 6
Crafting stations 2

Ambient dialogue[править]

In the central area, near stairs
Kestrel Zuru: I don't like this. Not one bit.
Kestrel Flockheart: Me neither. Ayumi's compromising everything we've built.
Kestrel Zuru: That child has no appreciation for our legacy. Viri never should have brought her into our ranks.
Kestrel Flockheart: Viri was the best of us. His niece is not.
Kestrel Zuru: This is a place of refuge. Not a...den of iniquity!
Kestrel Zuru: I'm glad Viri isn't alive to see his niece drag our good reputation straight through the guano.
Inside the training area
Kestrel Trainer: Next time: faster and quieter.
Kestrel Trainee: How am I supposed to do THAT quietly?
Kestrel Trainer: Well, you could try not stomping your feet, to begin with.
Kestrel Trainee: I wasn't stomping my feet!
Kestrel Trainer: Not what it sounded like from over here.
On the stairs leading to the second floor
Kestrel Watchkeeper: Did you just come in from the trail?
Kestrel Stas: Been monitoring Speaker activity in the south. You?
Kestrel Watchkeeper: Been watching the road to New Kaineng.
Kestrel Stas: You see anything...strange?
Kestrel Watchkeeper: Strange how?
Kestrel Stas: Stuff not looking right—not acting right.
Kestrel Watchkeeper: Now that you mention it...two songbirds were attacking one another. Trying to peck each other to death.
Kestrel Stas: Hmm. Yeah.
Near the Asura gate
Fledgling: I'm going on a trip! I'm gonna visit some long-long-long-lost cousins in the Domain of the Winds[sic]!
Sensali Scout: That's where I'm going as well. Not to visit anyone in particular, just to see how other tengu have gotten along.
Fledgling: That's neat! Maybe we'll see each other there!
Sensali Scout: I'll be sure to say hello if we do.
Awakened Merchant: You buy now.
Northeast of the Asura gate
Old Man: Excuse me, are you Pei?
Kid: I am! And you're my great-uncle!
Old Man: I am. As I'm sure your grandmother's told you, years ago I took a long journey on a flying boat out of Cantha...
Kid: Why? You didn't like Cantha?
Old Man: Well, I had a powerful desire to see the world. A desire that's long since been fulfilled. And now, it's good to be home.
In the chapel
Arborstone Refugee: I can't believe my ancestors were fooled by you. I can't believe I was, for so long...
Arborstone Refugee: The Krytans said you left. I don't understand. Was it us? Were we not enough?
Arborstone Refugee: You promised to bless everyone who follows your teachings. How are you supposed to do that now?
In the library
Balam Ri: Aah, paper cut! Time to switch hands— Wait, that one has a paper cut, too. Maybe I can turn the pages with my toes?
Balam Ri: Oh my! I knew this was banned for salacious content, but I didn't realize there were diagrams...
Balam Ri: Imagine if the public got hold of this. Pure chaos! Oh, it's so exciting!
Balam Ri: Wow, never thought I'd get my hands on this. I know what I'm reading on my break.
After Snargle moves in
Kestrel Choole: That charr writer—Snaffle?—gave me a free copy of one of his books! He even signed it!
Head Librarian: Mm-hmm, have you looked through it yet?
Kestrel Choole: No, not yet.
Head Librarian: I suggest you read a page or two.
(short pause)
Kestrel Choole: Wait, this book... This is...
Head Librarian: Smut. Yes. Mr. Goldclaw gave me a whole bundle for the library.
Kestrel Choole: Is it...good smut at least?
Head Librarian: Ehhh...
In the reading room next to the library after completing Lost Lore
Balam Ri: I've never seen so many primary sources in one place! Your work has been such an inspiration-
Balam Ri: Commander, you made it! Oh, where are my manners? This is Decimus, Tyria's most esteemed chronicler!
Balam Ri: He wants to discuss our work! With us! Isn't it wonderful?
Decimus the Historian: Ah, yes, we're well acquainted. Your newest endeavor will be promptly added to your repertoire of accomplishments.
Decimus the Historian: I hope to include your work in a new anthology I'm organizing. With your full permission, of course-
Balam Ri: We'll do it! Err..I'm sure I speak for both of us when I say it would be an absolute honor.
Balam Ri: Yessss! Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my GODS!
In the mess hall
Kestrel Rookie: Do you have...anything else?
Head Server: We don't have any fancy city food, if that's what you mean. We serve good, honest, stick-to-your-ribs food here.
Head Server: Food that'll see you through a long day on the trail.
Kestrel Rookie: You know, that's actually pretty good.
On the balcony, third floor
Tourist: So this place used to be rubble?
Kestrel Sentinel: Oh yes, it was toppled. When our people first fled to Echovald, we used it as a place of refuge...
Kestrel Sentinel: But it really provided very little shelter. We Kestrels took it on ourselves to restore it over the years.
Near the exit of the cathedral
Visiting Merchant (tengu): What've you been moving?
Visiting Merchant (human): Food, mostly. Everyone's happy for some new flavors.
Visiting Merchant (human): This bag here? Full of carrot bread. Some fisherman in Shing Jea's nuts for the stuff...
Outside Arborstone, after hatching the turtle egg
Rota: Make sure to say hello to the little fella before you take off.
Rota: Growin' up pretty fast, eh?
Rota: Someone missed you.

Crafting resources[править]

Fishing nodes


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