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Arborstone Inn

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Arborstone Inn

Point of Interest
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Arborstone Inn is an establishment within Arborstone, providing Resting bonuses to everyone on the map with the Arborstone Revitalization mastery.

Getting there[править]

  1. Travel NW from Arborstone Waypoint and use the zip line to travel up to the first level then head SW along the ledge to another zip line that will take you SE, once you arrive here, turn to your right and follow the ledge SW towards the three arches, inside is the Arborstone Inn.
  2. Alternatively you can take the Teleporter to Second Level which is located by The Ready Room. When you exit the teleporter you turn right and see the Asura Gate to Lions Arch. Exit this room and continue toward the three arches to find the Arborstone Inn.


For the requirements for NPCs to appear, see: Arborstone#NPCs




  • Originally, the Resting bonuses only accumulated while being inside the inn. Since a latter update, they now accumulate throughout the whole map.