Arrow Cart

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An arrow cart is an area of denial siege weapon that fires a spread of arrows with a maximum range of 2,500 units and an AoE target cap of 50. They are most effective against players and NPCs and can deal some damage to other siege weapons and gates, but deal no damage against walls.

Arrow carts are both common and cheap, and can often be seen used in offensive and defensive manners. Their attacks do AoE damage over multiple ticks, creating persistent areas of denial which are difficult for players to stand or build siege in. They do not require line of sight, and their damage extends through gates.


Умение Прицеливание на землю Время активации Время перезарядки Описание
 Fire (Arrow Cart)
Описание умения не найдено.
 Fire Crippling Arrows
Описание умения не найдено.
 Fire Barbed Arrows
Описание умения не найдено.
4  Toxic Unveiling Volley 60 Fire arrows that poison all targets and reveal stealthed targets.

Toxic Unveiling Volley is only available to players with at least five levels of Arrow Cart Mastery.


Arrow Carts[править]

Regular arrow carts are built with Arrow Cart Blueprints, which can be bought from Siege Masters for either 6 Серебряная монета or 6 Badges of Honor.png. Once deployed, they require 30 Supply.png to build.

Superior Arrow Carts[править]

Superior arrow carts deal 50% more damage than regular arrow carts and require an additional 10 Supply.png (40 total) to build. They are built with Superior Arrow Cart Blueprints, which are made in the mystic forge.

Guild Arrow Carts[править]

Guild arrow carts are functionally the same as superior arrow carts[требуется подтверждение], but they also display the emblem of the owner's guild. They can be built with Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints, four of which may be purchased for 12 Серебряная монета + 3 Guild Commendation.png from a Guild Commendation Trader.

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