Ascended weapon

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Ascended weapons are a series of weapons consisting of ascended quality weapons. Each weapon type has its own weapon set, which consists of a skin with variations in the color scheme that correspond with the prefix.


Ascended weapons are crafted using ascended materials and a complex process. Players will need to purchase a Recipe: Ascended Inscription and use it to acquire the recipe for prefix they want. Players also need to purchase a recipe for the appropriate weapon type; a greatsword requires a Recipe: Ascended Greatsword, which can be used to acquire the recipe for the prefix they want. The components for the weapons require the equivalent of tier 7 crafting materials for each crafting profession.


Hand Weapon
Main Hand
Skill.png Ascended Axe
Skill.png Ascended Dagger
Skill.png Ascended Mace
Skill.png Ascended Pistol
Skill.png Ascended Scepter
Skill.png Ascended Sword
Off hand Skill.png Ascended Focus
Skill.png Ascended Warhorn
Skill.png Ascended Torch
Skill.png Ascended Shield
Terrestrial Skill.png Ascended Claymore
Skill.png Ascended Hammer
Skill.png Ascended Longbow
Skill.png Ascended Rifle
Skill.png Ascended Shortbow
Skill.png Ascended Staff
Aquatic Skill.png Ascended Spear
Skill.png Ascended Speargun
Skill.png Ascended Trident