Ascent to Madness

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Ascent to Madness

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Lion's Arch

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Loading screen

Oh my! The Mad King is attempting to escape from his Mad Realm! If he isn't stopped, he could force his way into Tyria forever!

— In-game description

Ascent to Madness is a dungeon introduced during Act III of Shadow of the Mad King. Players must travel into the Mad King's realm and stop the Mad King before he threatens the world of Tyria.

Dungeon information[править]


Captain Tokk

Halloween Guide, Phase 3

Ding-a-ling! The Mad King was seen busting out of the lion statue in Lion's Arch! The statue lies in ruin, and there's a mad portal in its place. Enter at your own risk.

There's no longer any doubt that the Mad King really does exist, and the Durmand Priory believes he's trying to break out into Tyria. Their projections for what will happen if he succeeds are apocalyptic. Word is spreading quickly that, in his current state of power and rage, the Mad King must not be allowed to leave his realm!

—Captain Tokk


  • Confront the Mad King
  • Defeat the Mad King


First completion (once per account)
Subsequent completion

Note: Like any dungeon, rewards are affected by Diminishing Returns.


The chest will drop equipment unique to Halloween, including:


  • Ascent to Madness Waypoint


The Mad King will use various attacks:

  • Scarecrow: Plants a scarecrow. All allies within the scarecrow's area are periodically attacked by ravens. When destroyed, all nearby players are feared. Possibly off cliffs.
  • Pumpkin Bombs: Pumpkins spawn on the ground then explode seconds later, damaging and knocking back players within range.
  • Mad Moon Toss: Tosses his Mad Moon shield, bouncing off players, causing random conditions.
  • Candy Corn Slice: Swings his sword, causing three candy corn colored waves to fly out.

Initially, Mad King Thorn will be invulnerable, standing on an isolated piece of land. From here, he will begin Mad King Says. If you stay on the land where you start, your skills will change the emotes similar to during Lunatic Inquisition - they change randomly for each emote. If this happens and you do not use the correct skill for the emote he says, you'll take damage and be knocked down.

After Thorn goes though his three emotes, he will tire of Mad King Says and teleport to where the players are and start attacking. At this point, bring him down to 75% health. At 75% health, Thorn will become invulnerable again and disappear to a lower level - look to the southeast to see the chunks of land you can jump down, and reach the next large piece of land where Thorn waits. There will be a lot of Plastic Spiders spawned there. When on that piece of land, Thorn will begin attacking again. This time, you must bring him down to 25% health, at which point he will again become invulnerable and disappear.

Like before, he'll appear a level lower. This time, look to the northeast for the way down. There will be two parts where you have to make long jumps - though it may not look it, you can make these jumps without speed boosts. He will teleport back to the middle level if a player dies and respawns and starts walking back down to the middle level. At his defeat, a chest will spawn on the lowest level.





Mad King Thorn: "Greetings, mortals! Good to have you see me again! You may adore me now!"
Mad King Thorn: "Gather 'round, my subjects!"
Mad King Thorn: "Now, we shall play a game loved and feared by all of Tyria for countless centuries. Surely, you've heard of it. Prepare yourselves for..."
Mad King Thorn: "...Mad King Says!"
Mad King Thorn: "For all of you sad sops who don't know the rules, hear me now! You must do only what your Mad King says, and nothing else! Consider it a lesson in obedience."
Mad King Thorn: "Ready? If not, that's unfortunate for you, because the game begins now!"
Mad King Thorn: "Your Mad King says..."
Mad King Thorn: "COWER!"
Mad King Thorn: "Am I not frightening? COWER!"
Mad King Thorn: "Display a little respect before you lose your head. Your mad King Says..."
Mad King Thorn: "SALUTE!"
Mad King Thorn: "Uh-ten-hut! Stomach in! Chest out! Wipe that smirk off your face, soldier! SALUTE!"
Mad King Thorn: "Are you enjoying yourselves? Your Mad King says..."
Mad King Thorn: "DANCE! Dance for me!"
Mad King Thorn: "Listen to the music in your head! DANCE!"
Mad King Thorn: "That was interesting, for a time. You did as well as could be expected. But I tire of this. Time for something else!"
When reaching the floor Thorn's on
Mad King Thorn: "(Laugh)"


  • All characters are scaled up to level 80.
  • The dungeon will be available until Oct 31.[1]