Auric Basin

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Auric Basin

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Heart of Maguuma
Connects to
Verdant Brink (N)
Tangled Depths (E)
Auric Basin is a zone in the Heart of Maguuma. Exalted masteries are particularly useful here as they allow for navigation using the exalted portals.



At the center of the map is the Exalted city of Tarir. Outside the city are four camps, Northwatch, Eastwatch, Southwatch, and Westwatch. The Exalted are under attack in all directions from the Mordrem, and the meta events culminate with the defense of Tarir.


Meta events at each of the four camps lead the players to capture and control three pylons each, allowing the Exalted to recall enchanted armors to defend the city. Once all twelve of the pylons are under Exalted control, the Exalted set challenges at each of the watch camps. These challenges required level 1 mastery of Exalted lore to access. Completing challenges grants a golden enchanted armor to use.

Assault phase

Groups should return to the four camps. Some players should use the enchanted armors. Once the events begin, destroy the outer vine doors with direct damage, and then use the Exalted Portal to the bottom (or fly/walk if you haven't got the mastery required) area far below with the Octovine. All four Octovine parts must be destroyed within one minute of each other to avoid them regrowing and failing the event. The Octovine is shielded and will only be vulnerable whilst the shield is removed - the shield is restored after a while. Each of the directions uses a different method to destroy the Octovine's shields:

  • North: Equip acid throwers and use the skills on the Octovine to remove the shields. Then damage and repeat as necessary.
  • East: Mastery of updraft gliders is required here, and bouncing mushrooms are recommended. Players grab enchanted bombs, glide into the updraft by the stairs, and then glide over the vine and drop the bombs using skills 1 through 3. Exalted armored players should keep the champions stunned and out of the flight path of the gliders. Repeat as necessary.
  • South: Knockback/pull an Exalted explosive from the start of the room into the vine. Repeat as necessary.
  • West: Transform into a mushroom and explode on the vine using skill 1, while avoiding any contact with the frogs.

Important note: All Octovines need to die at least in a time window of 2 minutes.


Область Эффективный
Завершение карты
Arrowhead Vale 80
Bristleback Chasm 80
Burnisher Quarry 80
Chak Hollow 80
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Chak Hollow Waypoint
Eastwatch Bluff 80
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Eastwatch Ruins
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Eastwatch Waypoint
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Weeping Glade
Griffonfall 80
Lastgear Standing 80
Maguuma Shallows 80
Morwood Wilds 80
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Mossheart Walk 80
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Endurance Crash Site
Northwatch Descent 80
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Northwatch Waypoint
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Bramble Plateau
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Northwatch Priory Camp
Southwatch Creep 80
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Southwatch Waypoint
Tarir The Forgotten City 80
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Forgotten City Waypoint
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Legacy Pillars
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Luminate's Throne
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Sealed Passageway
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Inner Chamber
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Egg Bearer
Tarnished Treetop 80
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Capitzel Grounds
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Wanderer's Waypoint
The Falls 80
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Fahautl Grounds
Westwatch Patch 80
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New Skrittington
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Westwatch Waypoint