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A back item is a trinket equipped in the back slot in the hero panel. Players may toggle the visibility of a back item off and on.

Back slot[править]

Back items share features with both armor and trinkets. Like armor, it can take damage after being defeated during combat, but it is placed in a trinket slot and can be upgraded with jewels. Some back item skins can be seen by other players and you can toggle their visibility through a check box in the hero panel.


Back items are available as rewards during the Personal Story. They can be purchased from specialty vendors, including Guild Armorers, BUY-4373, and temple vendors. They also drop in a variety of dungeons. They are also available from the Trading Post.

During character creation, Engineers can choose the Universal Multitool Pack as a starting item. Finally, you could earn themed back items during certain Living Story events, including Mad Memoires (Halloween 2012) and the Toymaker's Bag (Wintersday 2012).

Trading Post
  • There is no easy way to search for back items on the trading post, since they do not appear under trinkets or armor. Instead, search for any of the following: spineguard, brace, splice, or back.
Personal story
Special events


  • The Halloween items and those from the level 33 quests only accept gems without any level requirement in their upgrade slot.
  • Many back items have no visible models.
  • The Fractals versions are exotic and can be upgraded to ascended in the Mystic Forge.

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  • Before the 2013-02-26 game update, back items had an empty line instead of the "Back Item" entry in their descriptions.