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Banker icon
Map Bank Icon.png
Bankers are service NPCs stationed in main settlements that will open up a player's account vault (for depositing and retrieving items and coin). In PvP, bankers allow players to access their collection of equipment and upgrades.


Settlement Area/Point of Interest Waypoint Notes NPCs
Black Citadel Canton Factorium Factorium N edge Cratus, Orres
Divinity's Reach Dwayna High Road Ministers Vaness, Thurmain, Salanda
Grove Reckoner's Terrace Reckoner's Waypoint Just SE of Waypoint Culurin
Heart of the Mists Hall of Memories near PvP Lobby Waypoint
Hoelbrak Trade Commons Upper Balcony SE edge, Upper Randver, Kallin
Lion's Arch The Agora Trader's Forum Cuina, Drifa, Lizette
Rata Sum Interdisciplinary Accessium Accountancy Waypoint Just west of Waypoint Ikka, Tekk
Mount Maelstrom Sootberme Firebreak Fort Blossri
Stronghold of Ebonhawke Stronghold of Ebonhawke Hawkgates Waypoint South of Asura Gate Ubbi Skarsgard
Labyrinthine Cliffs Bazaar Docks Bazaar Docks Waypoint East of waypoint, on ship


Although not marked as such on the minimap, keep in mind that all crafting stations allow for bank access.