Box o' Fun

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Box o' Fun

Item type
Account Bound
80 Gem.png for 1
320 Gem.png for 5

Double-click to consume.
Double-click to create a box full of random goofs and gags!

— Внутриигровое описание

Box o' Fun is a magical chest that contains many random effects to entertain the masses. Whereever you use the box an
Activity (map icon).png
activity symbol will apear on the map so that other play will notice the box.

A Box o' Fun can be bought from the Black Lion Trading Company and gives the player 10 times a random skill bar or transformation.


Randomizer settings[править]

To change the settings of their Box o' Fun, the owner can interact twice with the box to receive an adjuster, which looks like a big metal rod and has a single skill. Hitting any box of fun with the metal rod will give you the following dialogue:

"The randomizer can be adjusted to a number of settings. Choose a setting."
Tick green.png
Set it to only change colors.
Tick green.png
Set it to only transform appearances.
Tick green.png
Set it to celebration mode.
Tick green.png
Set it to petrify mode.
Talk end option tango.png
Reset the randomizer.

Possible Effects[править]

Change Colors[править]

  • The player becomes transparent (Stealth)
  • The player shifts colors (from yellow to red, then green)
  • The player becomes red.

Transform Appearances[править]

The player gets transformed and is able to participate in Costume Brawl. Possible transformations are:

Celebration Mode[править]

  • Explosion (Knocks back players nearby the Box)
  • Snowball (Knocks down struck player)
  • Snowball Fighter - Alters the skillbar to possess only a single skill. Throw a snowball at a fellow player (causes a 1 second knockdown from a max range of 800)
  • Fireworks - Alters the skillbar to possess three skills for shooting Blue, Green, and Red Fireworks each three times (on a cooldown of 3 seconds)
  • Dancing Spirit - You can perform various dances.

Petrify Mode[править]

  • Petrified - The player can not move and looks like stone.


No recipes found that match the constraints of the query.


  • The Gem Store description is as follows: "Spawn a box full of random fun for everyone in the area. Any allies can interact with the box every 15 seconds to get a fun effect. Color changing, shape shifting, and other fun tricks can be yours! Each box will remain in the world for five minutes."
    • This description has errors; allies can interact with the box every 10 seconds and the box remains in the world for 10 minutes.