Candidate Trials

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Enter into the Candidate Trials alone or with a group in support of your chosen candidate. You’ll test your battle skills by facing off against waves of Aetherblade pirates – hold out for as long as you can to earn Support Tokens and loot! The challenge is great, but so are the rewards – you may even earn a rare chance at an Aetherized weapon!

— Official Website

Candidate Trials is a challenge mission activity introduced in Cutthroat Politics. Players choose either Captain Ellen Kiel or Captain Evon Gnashblade and then survive against up to four waves of Aetherblades.

Getting There[править]

Start from the Sky Docks Waypoint in Labyrinthine Cliffs and head northwest (towards Kookoochoo's Stage). On your minimap you will see a pair of Файл:Living Story waypoint.png icons which will take you to the Candidate Trials.




If you already unlocked tiers by the other captain's trials, you can choose which tier to start. The first option when talking to the first mate is your highest tier, meaning the last option is T1, the second last T2, etc.