Candy Corn Gobbler

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Use this and 3 of your candy corn for a festive Halloween transform or a random boost.

— Внутриигровое описание



  • Cannot be used in combat.
  • Upon using this item, the player will either receive a random transformation or a random boost, at the cost of 3 Pieces of Candy Corn.
  • Small chance of giving more than one bonus per use.
  • Same bonus from a different source will not stack (if player already has 50% Karma Bonus they will not be able to stack duration from Communal Boost Bonfire for karma.
    • Each boost lasts for 15 minutes, same boosts will extend the duration by 15 minutes as well.
Effect Description
Miscellaneous effect.png Gathering Boost Gathering Boost
Miscellaneous effect.png Magic Find Boost Magic Find Boost
Miscellaneous effect.png 100% Experience Bonus 100% Experience Bonus
Miscellaneous effect.png 5% Damage Reduction 5% Damage Reduction
WvW Experience Bonus (fifty percent).png 50% WvW Experience Bonus Increase WvW Experience gain by 50%.
Miscellaneous effect.png 15% Speed Bonus 15% Speed Bonus
Karma Bonus (fifty percent).png 50% Karma Bonus На 50% увеличивает количество получаемой кармы.
Miscellaneous effect.png Healthful Rejuvenation Healthful Rejuvenation
Miscellaneous effect.png Killstreak Experience Booster (effect) Killstreak Experience Booster (effect)
Miscellaneous effect.png 50% Crafting Critical Chance Boost 50% Crafting Critical Chance Boost