Capture point

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the game mechanic. Для the renown heart mission, смотрите Capture Points!.

Capture points, also known as "control points", are locations which players must stand in for a period of time to claim for their team. Capture points appear in PvE, WvWvW, and sPvP. They are signified by a transparent circle or square on the ground.

  • Capture: To capture a point your team must remain in the area.
    • You must first neutralize a control point before it can be captured.
    • There must be no members of the opposing team in the area.
    • Capture time is not influenced by the number of people in the area.
    • Once captured the point may change to your teams color, or be removed.
  • Contest: A capture point is contested when both teams have players in the area.
    • While contested, the capture point will not move toward neutralization or capture
  • Neutral: A capture point which is not owned by either team is neutral.
    • The time to neutralize a point is much quicker than the time to capture it
    • Neutral control points are always shown in white


  • In PvP and WvWvW, capture points may not be contested by invisible or invulnerable players