Chaos Isles Fractal

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Chaos Isles Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

The Chaos Fractal is one of the Fractals of the Mists. The Chaos Fractal is not a single, complete story, but part of the start of a new arc that will parallel the main Season 3 plot. [1]



  • Instance starts with a fight similar to the entrance of Cliffside fractal (fight against 2x Veteran Chanter and 2x Veteran Fanatic). To the left of the mobs is note 1/7 for the achievement.
  • Hallway leads towards a jumping section similar to Uncategorized (Asuran JP) fractal, with winged golem JT-12 mobs instead of Harpies. If you bypass this hallway and take the path as if you were in the proper Cliffside fractal, a short JP will lead you to note 2/7 and a chain that breaks a wall, putting your right before the winged golem mobs.
  • Top of the jumping section leads to a mashup arena of Thaumanova floor with Urban Battleground siege wall. Before crossing to the platform with the boss, you can make a right turn towards the Mistlock Singularity and follow the path of floating cubes out to an island with a ruined Charr building on it, containing note 3/7. It's possible to return from here, but if you haven't engaged the Singularity it may be simpler to jump off and respawn on the planks before the boss platform.
  • From those planks before encountering the boss fight, jump across and head left of the cat golems. Make your way onto the walk itself from the rubble, and follow the path out to a peninsula with note 4/7. You can easily return to the bosses platform from here.
  • Multi-phase boss fight begins with fighting 4 Veteran Golems (BLIGHT, DOC, PLINK, and CHOP) before spawning a modified version of the Thaumanova Anomaly (called the Chaos Anomaly). At 75% HP left, the boss goes invulnerable and 3 of the previous 4 Veterans show up again (the choice may be determined by Fractal Scale, needs confirmation). When defeated, the boss is attackable again. At 50% of boss health, 2 of the previous 4 veterans show up as Elite mobs. At 25%, one of the 2 previous elites show up as a Champion.
  • Behind the gate after this boss, if you turn immediately left from just past the gate, there's a partially blocked staircase that leads you on top of the wall. Follow that path to some more mini jumping puzzle steps that leads up to note 5/7, high above.
  • Following the path out of the gate directly leads down a few platforms into a bonfire area. The objective is to take at least 3 (ideally 4-5) members to the bonfire locations in sequence, while avoiding invincible tentacles with knockback, and an invincible legendary wolf that permanently puts out bonfires. The frostbite effect in this instance is stronger than pre-release Snowblind, but may be on par with the modified version of Snowblind (verification needed). Once the fourth fire is started, the Frostbite effect no longer triggers in that region, and you can backtrack to the middle of the right edge of the snow field to find note 6/7.
  • The leadup to the final boss shows the last note 7/7 sitting on a platform just before the final boss. (5 AP earned on completion of all 7)
  • The finale of the dungeon is on a platform that looks like it's made of the electric floor from the elevated path in Aetherblade Retreat fractal, with the hanging weapon test weights from the Molten Furnace fractal. The floors will light up and electrify in different sequences. The weights seem to activate in the higher tier fractals








  • It is the newest Fractal to be added since 2013.
  • It was announced with the release of Living World Season 3.
  • The Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer or DDR is a reference to the game "Dance Dance Revolution". [1]