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Charge skills are a skill type that become more powerful the longer the skill is held activated. A charge skill is indicated by a yellow circle around the skill number on the skill bar. Most charge skills are available only through auxiliary skill bars, such as environmental weapons or various forms.

Charge skills either provide a continuous effect or effect on release, and have at least two levels of charge. Charge skills with continuous effect activate immediately, similiarly to channeled skills, and will execute for longer if the skill is held down. Charge skills which are activated on release can be charged up to four levels (depending on skill) and executed at any level of charging.

Charged skills[править]

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Skill Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Charge (Become the Bear).png
30.75¾ 15 Удерживать нажатым, чтобы напасть на противников.
Dash (Become the Snow Leopard).png
30.75¾ 10 Рвануться к противникам. Удерживать нажатым, чтобы увеличить длину рывка.
Fire (Trebuchet).png
80.25¼ 5 Огонь.
2  Fire Rotting Cow 80.25¼ 10 Launch a decaying cow that explodes in a cloud of poison.
 Sniper Shot 5 Charge up a shot. Charge longer for more damage and more range. Uses 1 ammunition charge.
Turn Left (Trebuchet).png
 Turn Left
250.25¼ Поворачивает требушет влево.
3  Turn Right 250.25¼ Поворачивает требушет вправо.