Citadel of Flame (explorable)

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Map of the Citadel of Flame

Gaheron Baelfire убит, но его мечты о божественности все еще живы. Огненная Цитадель гудит от голосов его последователей, стремящихся вернуть своего утраченного лидера.

— In-game description

The Flame Legion has splintered into rival factions in the wake of Gaheron's death, and each has its own plan to regain the upper hand in the battle against the other legions of the charr. Representatives of the Pact must now scramble on multiple fronts to deal with the remains of the Flame Legion.

Dungeon information[править]


Your Herald

Another fire to put out

Gaheron's death has delivered a blow to the Flame Legion, though many of his followers refuse to surrender. Flame Legion factions are now conspiring to unify their forces to assault the beleaguered Pact soldiers who are holding the zealots in check. There are also dark rumors (are there any other kind?) that the Flame Legion is desperate to turn the tide, and when zealots get desperate, they become dangerous.

Return to the Citadel of Flame immediately and make sure the Flame Legion doesn't burn down Tyria. You'll want to locate Commander Suma. He's the officer in charge of the Pact forces inside the citadel.

—Go now,

Your Herald


All paths
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Assist Pact forces against the Flame Legion.
    • Contact the Pact forces.
    • Speak with Mallon when ready.
    • Speak with Commander Suma.
    • Choose which scout to aid.
    • Speak with Ista when ready.
Ferrah path
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Help Ferrah enter the Flame Legion foundry.
    • Accompany Ferrah to the foundry.
    • Defeat the foundry's defense forces.
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Shut down the foundry.
    • Free the Flame Legion slaves.
    • Kill the slave driver.
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Slay the oppressive Ooze Royalty
    • Kill the King Ooze
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Kill the Queen Ooze
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Kill the United Ooze
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Locate the captured engineer.
    • Cross the bridge to continue searching.
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Rescue the engineer.
    • Rescue the engineer by killing the acolytes.
    • Engineer's Essence
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Acolyte Reinforcements
    • Event bar.jpg
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Locate the Flame Legion weapon.
    • Find a way into the Enkindling Chamber.
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Break through the final defenses.
    • Breach the Sanguine Vault.
    • Gate Controller
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event cog (tango icon).png
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Destroy the superweapon.
    • Destroy the Searing Effigy.
    • Searing Effigy's Health
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Victory! The Flame Legion has been defeated.
Magg path
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Accompany Magg into Flame Legion territory.
    • Help Magg meet with his contact.
    • Repel the Flame Legion assault.
    • Defeat the intruding forces.
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Find Magg's contact.
    • Locate the missing contact.
    • Search the Flame Legion cells.
    • Investigate the last stable.
    • Save Magg's contact.
    • Kill the stable master.
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Head deeper into the Flame Legion stronghold.
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Gather components for Magg's explosives.
    • Talk to Magg about the bombs.
    • Bring Magg the bombs to defuse the trap.
    • Bombs Remaining: x
    • Time Until Detonation: x:xx
    • Help Magg obtain Oracyte.
    • Estimated Harvest Time: x:xx
    • Search for magmacyte.
    • Navigate the lava field with Magg.
    • Use Magg's flame extinguisher to put out fires.
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Head for the ritual chamber.
    • Travel to the ritual chamber.
    • Find a way into the ritual chamber.
    • Kill the gate guards.
    • Talk with Magg to continue.
    • Defend Magg while he applies the explosives.
    • Magg's Health:
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Kaboomium Applied: x percent
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Prevent Gaheron Baelfire's resurrection.
    • Destroy the Eternal Flame and kill the acolytes.
    • Eternal Flame
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event swords (tango icon).png
    • Acolytes Alive: x
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Victory! The Flame Legion has been defeated.
Rhiannon path
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Accompany Rhiannon through the undercroft.
    • Accompany Rhiannon to the Undercroft.
    • Sneak through the Undercroft to ambush the Flame Legion.
    • Light all of the torches to clear the way.
    • x/3 Torches lit
    • Kill the Undercroft guards.
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Break the Flame Legion siege. / Push back the Flame Legion forces.
    • Break the siege on the Pact base.
    • Take the outpost from the Flame Legion forces.
    • Kill the Flame Legion commander.
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Kill the Flame Legion forces.
    • Drive the Flame Legion from the hall.
    • Flame Legion control
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event flag (tango icon).png
    • Flame Legion Waves Remaining: x
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Find the new Flame Legion tribune.
    • Track down the new tribune.
    • Kill Gaheron's pet drake.
    • Drake
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Track down the new tribune.
  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Kill Tribune Burntclaw.
    • Eliminate Tribune Burntclaw.
    • Tribune Burntclaw
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png


  • 70% experience towards the next character level
  • 26 Серебряная монета
  • Bonus Gold (first time each day per account)
    • Farrah Path: Золотая монета 5 Серебряная монета
    • Magg Path: Золотая монета 5 Серебряная монета
    • Rhiannon Path: Золотая монета 5 Серебряная монета
  • 60 Flame Legion Charr Carving Flame Legion Charr Carvings are rewarded the first time a path is completed per day.
    • 20 Flame Legion Charr Carving Flame Legion Charr Carvings are rewarded for every completion after the first.

Unique Loot[править]



Youtube.png Искать на YouTube видеоруководства о CoF Path 1.
Help Ferrah enter the Flame Legion Foundry
  • Accompany Ferrah to the Foundry
    • Kill the two silver mobs and the turret. A common strategy is to use pulling skills to group the mobs next to a turret then use a reflect skill to neutralize their attacks while bursting them down.
Shut down the Foundry
  • Free the Flame legion slaves
  • Kill the slave driver
    • Champion boss: Slave Driver. Attacks very quickly with a whip attack for high damage. Single target, but damage adds up very quickly. The most common strategy is to take advantage of his low health and simply burst him down, ignoring his attacks and the Effigy that spawns. If the group does not have enough DPS to pull this off, the Slave Driver can be pulled up the hill away from the Effigy and kited around. Killing the Effigy is unnecessary, and it will respawn after a few seconds, so ignore it.
    • "Molten Foundry Waypoint"
Slay the oppressive Ooze Royalty
  • To the left of the bridge before the room with the engineer is an event to kill the Oppressive Ooze Royalty. This event can be accessed from both Path 1, and Path 3. To get there from Ferrah's path (path 1) you have to jump down a set of ledges (pictured to the right). To get there from Rhiannon's path (path 3) there is a corridor at the bottom of the room with the 3 torches that need to be lit at the same time. It is filled with elite Oozes.
  • Once you reach the bottom you have two directions to go. Right will lead you up a spiral incline filled with groups of elite oozes, left will lead you down a corridor also filled with elite oozes. This corridor is the entrance to the ooze cave coming from path 3. There is nothing over there during path 1 except many groups of elite oozes.
  • To complete the event, which yields a chest reward, follow the path to the right up the spiral incline. It is highly recommended to kill the oozes in single groups, as too many will overwhelm you and cause a wipe. The groups as they are aren't typically an issue for most groups. The oozes immobilize, burn, and do moderate amounts of damage, but are generally pretty easy to defeat.
  • "EVENT" Slay the oppressive Ooze Royalty
    • Once you reach the top you will see two champions, a King Ooze and a Queen Ooze. It is best to kill the King Ooze first. The King Ooze has a 3 bounce knock back ability that has a very obvious windup animation. When he is about to perform his knock back he will swell up and start to glow. When this happens it is best to not have your back to the far ledge as you will die if you fall off and do not have fall damage reduction traits. It is also advised to dodge this attack as often as possible because taking all 3 bounces at once will do a lot of damage. Once the King Ooze reaches 50% HP he will become invulnerable and will go back to the center of the room and despawn.
    • Now you will have to kill the Queen Ooze. She is much easier and only has one major attack. She will periodically root a player in place and cause AoE damage at that location. This damage is relatively trivial, so don't worry about it too much. As with the King Ooze, the Queen will also become invulnerable and despawn at 50% HP.
      • Once the King and Queen Oozes are both defeated they will fuse together and become a United Ooze, a Legendary level boss. The United Ooze will do the same knock back bouncing attack as the King, as well as the same immobilize and AoE damage as the Queen. The United Ooze will also spawn normal level Ooze mobs that will do moderate single target and AoE damage. This fight is relatively straight forward. Avoid the bounce attack that has the same windup animation as the King Ooze's, bring stun breakers for the immobilize, and try not to let the normal mobs overwhelm the group. Once the fight is over a chest will spawn in the middle of the platform.
  • To exit the area in Path 1 you must take the Molten Foundry Waypoint near where you defeated the slave driver. To exit the area from Path 3 just go back down the corridor that you used to enter.

Locate the captured engineer
  • Cross the bridge to continue searching
  • "BONUS EVENT": Take the bridge from the flame legion (75)
    • Bridge defenses killed: x/3. 2 veteran, 1 elite mob. (Blaclan Firetooth is no longer a champion, he is an elite now)
    • Event is typically skipped with speed, stealth and dodge while the group rushes into the next chamber. If you choose not to skip the event, it is best to kill the two veterans first, as they will die easier and will become very annoying if left alive while fighting the elite. The elite only has one major attack to watch out for, his flame thrower attack. This attack will pull you towards him (watch the ledges!), and will do large amounts of damage, but is relatively easy to dodge out of. Just don't dodge off the bridge unless you enjoy instant death.
Rescue the engineer
  • Rescue the engineer by killing the acolytes
    • Kite the rest of the mobs while you kill the acolytes. You need to kill 10 acolytes. All mobs disappear after the event is completed. Killing them in between acolyte spawns is possible, but extremely difficult and ill advised.
    • There is significant down time between acolyte spawns. There are 3-4 locations to hide: down to the west in a cave (jump up on a ledge to lose aggro), out on each of the isthmus above the lava (caution, a fall is instant death), and further along the path near the next area's door. The east side of the cave has a ledge that can also be accessed, but the smoke lords can reach you with elemental attacks.
  • Failing this event, won't fail the dungeon, it will only trigger different dialogs and a different ending cutscene. The rest of the dungeon will remain the same.
Locate the Flame Legion Weapon
  • Find a way into Enkindling Chamber
    • Dodge the 5 rolling boulders while carrying a flame to light the 3 braziers on the end.
    • There is about a 15 second window to light all 3 braziers at the same time.
    • Tip: A mesmer set a Portal Entre, run in right as the door opens, and Blink to the other side before the rocks start rolling. The mesmer can then set a portal on the other side for his party members to use to bring flames across.
    • Otherwise, the rocks are easily avoided by staying to the side and just working your way across. It is also possible to roll through boulders with good timing.
    • Tip: Take off armor just in case you die, boulders will cause armor damage.
    • Tip: The guardian elite skill Renewed Focus can also be used to walk right through boulders without taking damage.
Break through the final defenses
  • Breach the Sanguine Vault
    • The 4 flame domes must be activated at the same time (1 person / flame dome) while the 5th person kills "Gate Controller."
    • A Silver Flame Legion Hellstorm mob is waiting after the door breaks.
    • Once the 'Locate the ...." message pops up on the screen, the team in the braziers can leave. If any team member goes outside the brazier's circle, the Gate Controller is protected and interrupts the person attacking it. All four team members must stay in the braziers' circles until it is down. A particularly annoying cut scene is triggered just after entering the Burning Searing Effigy's chamber. Consider waiting just inside the door for the other four team members to improve survivability.
Destroy the Superweapon
  • Destroy the Searing Effigy
    • Legendary boss that heals off crystals
      • The Effigy has a very predictable attack pattern that can be easily recognized with practice. The Effigy has several different attacks:

1) Slowly charges up a big PBAoE flame blast that burns on hit. Can be dodged with the correct timing, or simply avoided by moving out of the AOE radius during the startup. 2) Spews fire in a cone in front of it. Easily avoided by circling to the side at melee range. 3) Shoots waves of flame along the ground at each party member in range. Can be reflected, dodged, or avoided by standing behind some other unfortunate party member. Be careful that the wave is actually wider than it looks, so sidestepping usually does not work. 4) Summons more Searing Crystals. Knocks down on impact. Can be dodged on reaction, or simply let yourself get hit.

The general strategy is simply to ignore the crystals and just DPS the effigy. The effigy does very little damage if the player is not on fire, so condition removal comes in handy if the party is not used to the encounter and finds themselves getting hit more often than they can handle. Crystals can be used to rally, so if a player is downed, consider calling the nearest crystal and have your team destroy it instead of wasting time reviving normally.


Accompany Magg into Flame Legion territory
  • Help Magg meet with his contact.
  • Repel the Flame Legion assault. Defeat the intruding forces.
Find Magg's contact
  • Locate the missing contact. Search the Flame Legion cells.
  • Fend off the devourer swarm. Destroy the devourer nest.
    • A bunch of devourer's nests spawn devourers. Tip: Focus on the nests and run to the top of the path.
  • Kill the warden's guards
  • Investigate the last stable
    • Pull the chains to continue
  • Save Magg's contact. Kill the stable master.
    • Defeat the Prison Warden. Once he reaches about 10% health, he will summon a giant whiptail devourer, which has powerful siege attacks, so watch out for the red AOE ring.
  • Head deeper into Flame Legion stronghold
Gather components for Magg's explosives
  • Talk to Magg about the bombs.
    • This will start the event. Don't do this until everyone is ready to get the bombs (see below).
  • Bring Magg the bombs to defuse the trap
    • There are Flame Legion Bombs scattered around a two-level cavern. You have to get all the bombs and bring them to Magg within the time limit. If you exceed the time limit, everyone in the cavern will die; however, you can revive Magg and try again. The cavern is full of flame turrets, devourers, Flame Legion, Godforged Hellstorms, and Salamander Drakes.
    • Four people can be in position to get a bomb each before having one person speak to Magg to start the event.
    • The bombs count as bundles/environmental weapons. Before Jan 28, 2013, they'd cause burning, and disappear when dropped causing the event to fail; now, there's no burning an Orb of Flame gets dropped on the ground. Still, avoid getting downed while holding a bomb because if other person tries to pick it up, reviving will have higher priority than picking up the bundle.
    • If certain failure is imminent, being far enough away from the area lets you avoid dying.
  • Help Magg obtain Oracyte.
  • Search for magmacyte. Navigate the lava field with Magg. Use Magg's flame extinguisher to put out fires.
    • On the other side of the lava field is a big reddish rock of magmacyte. The lava field causes burning and has many Fire Imps, Fiery Jellies, and Red Oozes. You can use Magg's flame extinguisher to help get across the field.
    • Magg typically goes down whilst transiting the lava field. Do not try to res him; continue across and get up on the ledge to lose aggro. Once you are out of combat, jump down off the ledge and Magg will spawn at the magmacyte on the far side. Selective use of WP will eliminate which players Magg is following, but the common theme in most runs is that 1) player Magg is following is 'out of combat' and 2) player is down off the ledge near the magmacyte.
Head to the ritual chamber
  • Travel to the ritual chamber. Escort Magg to the chamber's gates.
  • Head to the ritual chamber
  • Find a way into the ritual chamber. Kill the gate guards.
    • Defeat 2 Godforged Smokelords. Tip: you can pull the one on the right side individually.
    • Defend Magg while he plants the bomb to destroy the gate. This event has been made considerably easier since the January 28th, 2013 patch, so it is no longer necessary to kite the mobs that spawn. Instead, the players simply need to sit and defend Magg until the timer completes. Large numbers of mobs spawn, but all are extremely weak, die quickly, and deal little damage, so just kill them at your leisure and keep an eye out for the Flame Legion Assassins. These are the only mobs that will prioritize attacking Magg over the party; they will appear in stealth (albeit are visible) and walk slowly to Magg, charging a single attack for high damage on Magg if they reach him. As such, these should be the main targets. They have permanent stability, so cannot be knocked down. They can however be crippled, chilled and immobilized, and are non-veteran mobs, so they die very quickly. They can also be blinded, which can result in them dealing no damage to Magg if timed well (They will disappear after attacking even if they didn't damage Magg). Every 10% one assassin will spawn, so make sure to target them and take them out quickly. Note that if anyone is downed, the large numbers of mobs make for easy rally fodder, so simply keep killing mobs to rally.
Prevent Gaheron Baelfire's resurrection
  • Destroy the Eternal Flame and kill the acolytes
    • The 4 acolytes are around the perimeter of the chamber, and the Eternal Flame is in the center. The Eternal Flame is invulnerable as long as an acolyte is alive, and the acolytes respawn about every 15 seconds. Tip: kill all 4 acolytes at the same time to maximize the amount of time you have to damage the Eternal Flame. Once the acolytes are down, burst the Flame. Skills that deal high damage in location-specific packets, like Meteor Shower and Smite, are particularly effective against the Flame due to its large size. Gaheron Baelfire's ghost grants the acolytes magnetic shield which deflects all projectiles, so be sure to have one person lead him out of the cavern. He will aggro and stick on the first player to enter the cave. There are boulders in the room which you can use to knockdown the acolytes.(Don't bother using them on the Eternal Flame unless you have no ranged weapons at all.) Gaheron Baelfire's ghost cannot be damaged (except by bleeding, poison, burning) and causes no damage, but he can fear, immobilize, and knock-down. Optional tip: have one person lead Baelfire outside the chamber so he doesn't bother the rest of the team. If you do kill him the dungeon reward will not pop.


Sneak through the Undermuck
  • Make your way to the objective without being detected
    • Even if you are in stealth the Flame Legion guards will rise an alert when you get close enough to the guard post.
    • You have to coordinate a simultaneous lighting of 3 torches within the Undermuck to progress forward. These take ~4 seconds to ignite and have a 7 second coordinate timer. Starting from the alert each torch is surrounded by a spawn of monsters. If they hit you fail to light the torch. The spawn types are Tar Elementals, Red Oozes and Fire Imps. Once you kill the last one from the spawn the next group spawns in a few seconds. That is why you should kill all but one monster around each torch. Then one player counts down giving time to finish the last monster and three players light the torches at the same time. Oozes and Tar elementals are easy for any class to handle alone so it's probably a good idea to send at least one of the extra characters to the Fire Imps.
  • Following this there is a lot of straight-forward killing and defending a zone from waves of mobs.
Find the new Flame Legion tribune
  • Track down the new tribune
    • Tip: This part requires timing. There are bombs in the tunnel on the way to the mission objective and there are Flame Legion turrets outside the tunnel. The bombs will glow and then become dark. They only explode when they glow. To manage to get past this part, you must watch the bombs and run as soon as they become darker. You might want to have a skill granting swiftness. Also, you will die many times during this part, to avoid having your armor broken you might want to remove it and run naked. It is possible to roll through the explosion with good timing; the bombs will have a red AoE circle when they are about to explode. There are some 'always on' bombs which you need to be on the opposite side of the center line to avoid.
    • It is very easy to do with Shadow Refuge because the bombs do not trigger if you are in stealth.
    • There are safe spots on the hard rock under the flame sconces in the walls on the way up. Pause there, then wait for next series of lights go dark before proceeding to the next sconces.
  • At the top of the run there is a safe spot under the ledge that the turrets are on. Use this to regroup and buff/stack, as attacking the turrets seems to aggro the flamethrower mobs.
  • You then kill the pet drake, at which point a new waypoint spawns and you can teleport to the beginning and back again to repair your armor.
Kill the Tribune Burntclaw
  • Eliminate Tribune Burntclaw
    • Tip: The Tribune attacks cause push. He also has an AoE skill that also causes push in an expanding circle around him. There is lava around the boss area and his knockback attacks can push you off the cliff and into the lava. To avoid falling into the lava, you will need utility skills granting stability such as "Stand Your Ground!". Or you can dodge through it, not wasting any skills at all.
  • Ranged characters can stay on the bridge but when he targets you he will run toward you and may do his large AoE knockback near the bridge, so be ready to take evasive maneuvers.
  • If you die in the lava you will be teleported back to land, so it is a good idea to have at least one ranged character stay on the bridge to drop OOC (Out Of Combat) and resurrect party members.





Flame Legion



All paths[править]

Dialogue with Mallon:

Explorer Mallon: Reinforcements! Thank Dwayna. We need help with the Flame Legion Forces. When you're ready, head in and report to Commander Suma.
Talk more option tango.png
Ready and willing. Let us in.
Talk end option tango.png
Give us a moment to prepare.

After speaking to Mallon:

Explorer Mallon: Even after Baelfire's death, the Flame Legion are still putting up heavy resistance.
Explorer Mallon: We've managed to hold the forward chamber, but I don't know how much longer it that'll last.
Explorer Mallon: Head on in and talk to Commander Suma. He'd surely welcome any assistance.

Talking to Commander Suma (cinematic):

<Character name>: Mallon said you need reinforcements. What can I do?
Commander Suma: We're holding off the Flame Legion assaults, but I got three scouts all begging for extra forces. Whaddya know — here they are now.
Scholar Magg: Sir, I have information that Flame Legion shamans are reviving Gaheron. It's imperative to stop that.
Crusader Ferrah: The Flame Legion is forcing an Iron Legion engineer to make a superweapon. She is in danger, and so are we if we don't destroy that threat!
Agent Rhiannon: I know for certain a new tribune is leading the Flame Legion. He needs to be killed before he unifies his forces.
Commander Suma: You defeated Baelfire, you're solid enough to lead an operation. Talk to the scouts, then let Fuseclaw know your plan.

Talking to the scouts:

Crusader Ferrah: The commander's a fool. The Flame Legion is building a superweapon, and they're forcing an Iron Legion engineer, Crea Irontooth, to do the building. We need to stop them and save her!
Talk more option tango.png
What's the weapon?
I only know that they're building something. Knowing the Flame Legion, it'll likely be an effigy. And knowing Crea as well as I do, I can guarantee you that it will be lethal.
Talk more option tango.png
What will happen if we don't get her in time?
If we're lucky, they'll just enslave her. Knowing Crea's temper, they'll kill her. The Flame Legion doesn't have much patience for defiant woman.
Talk more option tango.png
What's the plan to stop the Flame Legion?
Talk more option tango.png
Why is your commander a fool?
Talk end option tango.png
Then let's rescue her.
Talk more option tango.png
What's the plan?
Talk end option tango.png
Talk more option tango.png
What this about an Iron Legion engineer?
Crea's an accomplished engineer and a friend. She was due back at the Black Citadel a week ago. When her escort detail was found murdered, I tracked her here.
Talk more option tango.png
What's the weapon they're making?
Talk more option tango.png
Sounds like she's in danger. Same as "What will happen if we don't get her in time?" from above.
Talk end option tango.png
Talk more option tango.png
What's your plan to stop the Flame Legion?
They're holding an Iron Legion engineer and we're going to get her back. Crea's in there somewhere. And no Flame Legion crazies are going to hold my friend against her will.
Talk more option tango.png
How are we going to free her?
There's a small chamber nearby that shares a wall with the Flame Legion foundry. We'll blast through it, storm the foundry, smash the weapon, and rescue the captive.
Talk more option tango.png
Tell me about the engineer.
Talk more option tango.png
What's the weapon you mentioned?
Talk end option tango.png
Talk more option tango.png
What's the weapon you mentioned?
Talk more option tango.png
Why is your commander a fool?
Talk end option tango.png
Talk more option tango.png
Why is your commander a fool?
He's willing to take a loss on this...person because we can't afford the personnel to rescue her. He's even willing to give the Flame Legion a weapon. A deadly one they'll use on us!
Talk more option tango.png
What's this weapon the Flame Legion is building?
Talk more option tango.png
Tell me about the engineer.
Talk more option tango.png
What's your plan?
Talk end option tango.png
I'll need to think about this.
Talk end option tango.png
Scholar Magg: Apparently the commander fails to recognize that the Flame Legion possesses both knowledge and means necessary to revive their dead leader. We must disrup the ritual—immedialtely.
Talk more option tango.png
But I killed Gaheron. How can he be brought back?
A proper and disturbing question. I haven't been able to decipher the exact means, but I know the Flame Legion is deadly serious in the pursuit of their goals.
Talk more option tango.png
How do you know this is happening?
A short while back, The Pact imbedded an agent within the ranks of the Flame Legions. "Deep cover", as the Order of Whispers would call it. Thus far, he's been an invaluable source of information.
Talk more option tango.png
Your commander doesn't seem interested in stopping Baelfire's return.
Ah, yes. He said something to the effects of "The dead are dead. Now shut up or I'll pull your ears off", what I took away from that conversation was that he's more concerned about the siege forces.
Talk more option tango.png
Fine. How do we stop Gaheron from being brouht back?
My contact will have more information about how far their plans have progressed. Once we find him, I should be able to find a solution.
Talk end option tango.png
I'll think about it.
Agent Rhiannon: While the commander dithers, the Flame Legion tribune grows stronger. I have the perfect plan, but he won't back me. Perhaps you can help.
Talk more option tango.png
What's your plan?
There's a vast network of passages below us. With very few Flame Legion on patrol, that gives us ample opportunity to sneak behind enemy lines, surprise them, and break the siege.
Talk more option tango.png
And we cut them down. Then what?
Talk more option tango.png
So, why isn't the commander backing your plan?
Talk more option tango.png
What do you know about the new tribune?
Talk end option tango.png
I'll need to think about it.
Talk more option tango.png
And we cut them down. Then what?
Suma said if I found a way to break the siege, he would lead a charge to distract the forces inside while we snuck in and killed the new tribune. Should be rather exciting.
Talk more option tango.png
Why won't the commander back your plan?
The commander has too much pride to admit this, but we are barely holding this ground. He's worried if we divert any forces during this siege, this outpost will fall.
Talk more option tango.png
So, what's your plan?
Talk more option tango.png
How much do you know about the new tribune?
Talk end option tango.png
Yeah, I can see why he's resistant.
Talk more option tango.png
How much do you know about the new tribune?
Only hints and whispers. He's said to be no less fierce than Baelfire and is constantly surrounded by an entourage of zealots.
Talk more option tango.png
What's your plan?
Talk more option tango.png
Why won't your commander back your plan?
Talk end option tango.png
I'll need to think about this.
Talk end option tango.png

Talking to Ista Fuseclaw:

Soldier Ista Fuseclaw: Which one of these scouts do you want to help?
Talk quest choice tango.png
Ferrah. The threat of a Flame Legion superweapon is too dangerous to ignore.
Talk quest choice tango.png
Magg. Gaheron's return would mean an inspired Flame Legion. He must stay dead.
Talk quest choice tango.png
Rhiannon. Killing the new tribune will disrupt the Flame Legion.
Talk quest choice tango.png
I need more time to think.

Ferrah's path[править]

Crusader Ferrah: Excellent. Let's get started. Hey, Magg! Come with me. I need a little of your expertise.
Scholar Magg: Oh, of course. Lead the way!

Outside the foundry:

Crusader Ferrah: Form up and listen up. They aren't expecting us to come through this wall.
Crusader Ferrah: Once we breach the wall, hit them hard and keep hitting. Magg, it's all yours.
Scholar Magg: Right.
Scholar Magg: You might want to step back.

After breaching the wall:

Scholar Magg: Yes, that was a little...excessive.
Crusader Ferrah: It did the job just fine. Troops, forward!
Crusader Ferrah: Somewhere in this foundry is an Iron Legion engineer who's being forced into building a Flame Legion weapon.
Crusader Ferrah: Our job is to find her and extract her. Stay close. We're going deep into smokelicker territory.

In the foundry:

Slave Driver: Pick up those scraps, runts! We've got effigies to build!
Crusader Ferrah: We'll take it for here, soldiers! Hold this entrance in case we need to retreat.

After defeating the Slave Driver:

Crusader Ferrah: Hurry and get out of here. We'll take care of the foreman!
Crusader Ferrah: Make this easy on yourself. Where's Crea Irontooth?
Revered Forgedriver: If you hurry, you'll be witness to her death.
Crusader Ferrah: They're going to execute Crea. Come on. We need to save her!

At the bridge:

Crusader Ferrah: Cross that bridge up ahead. Our engineer should be on the other side.
Elite Blacian Firetooth: Listen. I think we have more spies.
Elite Blacian Firetooth: Infidels! Burn them to the bone!
Elite Blacian Firetooth: I'll crush you into this bridge

Rescuing Crea:

Crea Irontooth: Kiss my tail.
Revered Forgedriver: Very well. We have the Searing Cauldron Effigy. Your usefulness is at an end.
Crea Irontooth: Oh, shut up and kill me already.
Crusader Ferrah: Crea, are you all right? Hold on. I'll arrange a detail to escort you out of here.
Crea Irontooth: I ain't leavin'. Those zealots got themselves a walking Searing effigy because of me.
Crusader Ferrah: Then we're too late.
Crea Irontooth: No we ain't. I know where it is. I know how to break it. Let's go.

Passing the boulders:

Revered Forgedriver: You follow me like a bad omen.
Crea Irontooth: Just keep running, you idiot.
Crusader Ferrah: You want him to get away? He tried to execute you.
Crea Irontooth: He's leading us to th eweapon.
Revered Forgedriver: Keep the gate closed. I don't want these fools interrupting the final ritual.

Approaching the final room:

Crea Irontooth: Get your tails in gear. It's up ahead.

Breaching the Sanguine Vault (cinematic):

Crea Irontooth: There it is! Now, pay attention. Attacking headfirst will get you killed.
Crea Irontooth: They'll have focal crystals empowering it. If we can find a way to destroy them, that should weaken the effigy.
Crea Irontooth: And watch yourselves. It won't show any mercy. Trust me. I built it that way.

After the cinematic:

Revered Forgedriver: The time is now. Ignite the weapon. We shall make the unbelievers burn!
Revered Forgedriver: What? No! Control it! Control it! No!
Crea Irontooth: This is gonna be a though fight. Try to stay on your toes.

After defeating the Legendary Searing Effigy (cinematic):

Crea Irontooth: Never thought I'd be wrecking my own inventions. It's almost embarrassing.
Crea Irontooth: Thanks, Ferrah. I owe you. Almost makes me regret all the times I tried killing you back at Ebonhawke.
Crusader Ferrah: Heh, I had plenty of experience trashing your weapons during the sieges. What's one more?
Crea Irontooth: Ugh. If my old warband knew a human saved me, I'd never hear the end of it.
Crusader Ferrah: Bah. Let's get out of here. I'm tired of smoke in my lungs.

Talking to Crea Irontooth after defeating the Legendary Searing Effigy:

Crea Irontooth: I've got to admit I was conflicted, watching my crowning achievement being smashed to pieces to possible save all of civilization. But at least it was done properly.
Talk more option tango.png
That almost sounds like a compliment.
What? I didn't...I mean...ah, spit. You didn't do half bad out there. You happy? That makes your heart swell? Enough fuzzy blankets and lollipops for you? Grr...forget it. Never did compliments well anyway.
Talk more option tango.png
So, how do you know Ferrah?
Talk end option tango.png
I can tell.
Talk more option tango.png
How do you know Ferrah?
We used to be enemies at Ebonhawke back before the cease-fire. Like all good friendships, it was born of mutual hatred and a desire to see one another rot in the sun.
Talk more option tango.png
So, just how did you get to be friends?
After the firing stopped, I saw this human approaching us. She asked me, and I'm not kidding here, if I was the siegemaster who had repeatedly failed to break the walls of Ebonhawke.
Talk more option tango.png
What happened?
I snarled that I was indeed the one who went easy on Ebonhawke and spared their sorry butts. She just smiled and tossed me a bottle of Ebonhawke wine. Vile bathtub stuff, but we drained it then and there.
Talk more option tango.png
How did she know you?
She was in charge of fending off my siege machines. Seems we got to know each other long before we ever met. She's a good opponent and, especially after today, a hell of a friend.
Talk end option tango.png
Seems like it. Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png
Nice story. Take care.
Talk end option tango.png
I'd hoped it might be something less cliched. Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png
That it was. Good-bye.

Talking to Crusader Ferrah:

Crusader Ferrah: Mission completed! I can't thank you enough. What you did today will go a long way toward keeping the Flame Legion in check.
Talk more option tango.png
What will you do now?
Report to the commander that the engineer is safe and the weapon has been dealt with. After the long siege, this should be welcome news.
Talk more option tango.png
So, how do you know Crea?
Believe it or not, we were fighting each other during the Ebonhawke sieges. She was building war engines to tear down our walls, and I was breaking them before they could.
Talk more option tango.png
I'm surprised she didn't kill you. If you' destroyed my weaponry, I would've.
She had every reason to hate me. Sometimes, after I'd thoroughly smashed whatever device she'd she'd
just brought, I'd throw a wrench down on her and shout that it seemed some repairs were in order.
Talk more option tango.png
Oh, yeah. She wanted to kill you. So, how did you become friends?
It was soon after the cease-fire. I grabbed a bottle of Ebonhawke wine and walked out onto the battlefield. As I expected, there she was, in the middle of the charr forces, snarling at me.
Talk end option tango.png
Risky move. You're still alive, so what happened?
She shared the wine with me and didn't stab me with the bottle. I think I just had to meet the charr I had spent years frustrating. Strange, right?
Talk more option tango.png
I suppose you had to do something after peace broke out.
Inspiring, actually. You two managed to put all those bitter years behind you.
And you didn't take that opportunity to kill her? Weakness. Utter weakness.
Remind me to never share a drink with you.
Talk end option tango.png
I don't drink with cowards anyway.
Talk end option tango.png
Considering the world we live in, nothing seems strange. Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png
Sounds like a friendship fated to be.
Talk end option tango.png
Talk end option tango.png
Talk end option tango.png
Talk end option tango.png
Good to hear. Good-bye.

Magg's path[править]

Scholar Magg: My contact is waiting for us just beyond our barricade. Let's not keep him waiting.

When approaching Flame Legion:

Scholar Magg: What the...the Flame Legion got here first. Dispatch them!
Scholar Magg: Hurry into the passage. We need to find my contact.

At the devourer stables:

Scholar Magg: I was supposed to meet him here. Oh, sparks. They must have captured him. Hurry. He's in mortal peril.
Scholar Magg: Ugh, that smell. They must train devourers here.
Scholar Magg: They've been feeding prisoners to devourers! We must stop them!

While searching the cells:

Scholar Magg: Hmm. Not here. Let's try another one.

Approaching the prisoner:

Prison Warden: Talk, imposter, or I'll call one of my devourers in here.
Sear Sneakblade: Sounds good to me. I hear they're delicious.

After defeating the Prison Warden (cinematic):

Sear Sneakblade: I heard Gaheron. I couldn't see him from behind the stones, but his voice was wavering and weak, like a ghost.
Sear Sneakblade: And they locked up the ritual chamber tight. It will be impossible to fight or sneak your way in.
Scholar Magg: If he can talk at all, then they'll be done reviving him soon. Get back to the camp and deliver your report. Leave Gaheron to us.

Deeper in the stronghold (cinematic):

Scholar Magg: This is the only route to the Ritual Chamber, but it's crawling with Flame Legion vermin.
<Character name>: Do we have a plan?
Scholar Magg: We? No. Me, yes. I'll need to fashion a large explosive. Luckily, the caves ahead should have the ingredients I need.

Building the explosives:

Scholar Magg: Quick. Bring all the explosives to me. I can disarm them.
Scholar Magg: Good job. Now, let's make a bomb of our own. Let's find some oracyte!
Scholar Magg: Hmmm. This oracyte is more calcified than I recall. This might take a while.
Scholar Magg: Hold on a minute. I see a weak spot.
Scholar Magg: Let me get my handy podging spanner in here, and ...
Scholar Magg: There's a lava fiels nearby where I've seen magmacyte just begging to be harvested.
Scholar Magg: We need to cross the magma fields to fiend magmacyte. I've got a handy device that you can use to put out those fires.

At the lava field:

Scholar Magg: Right over there—a huge chunk of magmacyte.
Scholar Magg: Magmacyte is incredibly volatile, and puts the "boom" in my Kaboomium.
Scholar Magg: A few crystal shards should do it. There we go.
Scholar Magg: Now that I've got the components, we can go for it. The ritual chamber is north.

Talking to Magg:

The Flame Legion and their "impenetrable" doors...Pah! I've seen doggy doors more secure. We merely need the elements for a binaryn&dash;explosive compound. Follow me. The proper ingredients should be close.
Talk more option tango.png
What kind of ingredients?
Magmacyte and oracyte. Scarce in most parts of Tyria, but abundant in geological enclaves such as this. I know of a method for combineing
them into a rather potent explosive.
Talk end option tango.png
Let's find those elements.
Talk end option tango.png
Sounds like a blast.

Near the ritual chamber:

Scholar Magg: We're almost there.
Scholar Magg: We need to get in. Let's persuade the guardsto let us apply a bit of Kaboomium to the door.

Talking to Scholar Magg:

Scholar Magg: The Flame Legion think they're clever, but there's no door that won't yield to the battering ram of science. Especially my science. Ready to protect me as I plant the bomb?
Talk ready option.png
Go ahead. We'll cover you.
Talk end option tango.png
Wait. We need a moment.

After talking to Magg:

Scholar Magg: They sealed the ritual room from the inside.
Scholar Magg: Nothing my Kaboomium can't fix. Give me a minute and I'll blow this door to pieces.

After applying all the Kaboomium:

Scholar Magg: Oh, not good at all. Please, step back.

Entering the ritual chamber (cinematic):

Gaheron Baelfire: You again. This citadel is mine. I will enjoy watching you die slow, in agony.
<Character name>: Good to know you still remember.
Gaheron Baelfire: When I return and became a god, I'm turning you to cinder, one bit at a time. I'll burn you alive!

After the cinematic:

Scholar Magg: There it is. They're using that to power Gaheron's crystal. Destroy it.

After destroying the Eternal Flame:

Gaheron Baelfire: No! I was so close! Curse you all!
Scholar Magg: And stay dead.
Scholar Magg: Stopping Gaheron is another nail to the Flame Legion's coffin.

Talking to Scholar Magg:

Scholar Magg: Never in my life could I have imagined such a battle. Such heroism. Thank goodness all of you were here to witness it. This exploration will garner the Durmand Priory a treasure-trove of knowledge.
Talk more option tango.png
What are you doing now?
Acquire what samples I can find from this chamber and proceed with the analysis of a lifetime. The Flame Legion were clearly on the verge of a breakthrough. It's unprecedented, and it must be studied.
Talk more option tango.png
What was the breakthrough?
The Flame Legion nearly succeeded in bringing back a spirit back from the Mist and merging it with a body. It's a powerful magic, and one we must be prepared to counteract.
Talk more option tango.png
Please, tell me you jest. Imagine if the Flame Legion were capable of bringing back their greatest generals. What if our killing them only made them smarter and stonger?
Talk more option tango.png
What are you hoping to achieve?
Talk more option tango.png
Wait, how does a Durmand Priory scholar know so much about explosives?
Talk end option tango.png
Sounds terrible. I'm leaving.
Talk end option tango.png
Talk more option tango.png
So, wait. How does a Durmand Priory scholar know so much about explosives?
Talk end option tango.png
Have fun with your research.
Talk more option tango.png
How does someone in the Durmand Priory know so much about explosives?
During my matriculation at the College of Static, I joined in a krewe of like-minded geniusses who shared a fascination for the demolition arts. Obsessed, really. We studied explosions day and night.
Talk more option tango.png
Aren't you just blowing things up? What's there to study?
Detonation force. Aether-chemical reactions. Experimental blast-stress theory. I can shape a charge that'll remove destroy
a wall from the outside and leave the wallpaper inside intact.
Talk more option tango.png
What happened to your krewe?
As you might expect from a group of boom fanatics, we were volatile. Our krewe was torn asunder by a combination of unrestrained hubris, cruel accusations, and torrid romance.
Talk more option tango.png
"Torrid romances?"
Her name was Traffa. A genius in Blast Radius Theory, just like my mom. She left me for the lure of Errant Technology Disposal. Pneumatic Actuation I could understand, but "Errant Technology Disposal"?
Talk more option tango.png
Then what?
I couldn't return to Rata Sum. Too many bad memories. Bad choices...not mine, Taffa's. "Errant Technology Disposal"? But the best cure for lost love is arcane research, so I joined the Durmand Priory.
Talk more option tango.png
What's your next step here?
Talk end option tango.png
Could have been worse. She could have blown you up. Take care.
Talk end option tango.png
Her loss.
Talk more option tango.png
So, what are you going to do now?
Talk end option tango.png
I've heard enough.
Talk end option tango.png
Interesting, but I'm going to go.
Talk more option tango.png
So, what are you going to do now?
Talk end option tango.png
Actually, forget it.
Talk end option tango.png

Rhiannon's path[править]

Agent Rhiannon: Follow me. Hope you like getting dirty.

At the Undercroft:

Agent Rhiannon: The pit is filled with monsters. I've snuck through a few times, but staying undetected as a group will be difficult.
Elite Godforged Flame Caller: You! What are you doing here?

After defeating the guards in the Undercroft:

Agent Rhiannon: Ah, they didn't stand a chance.
Agent Rhiannon: Good work. Cross this bridge up ahead and we'll ambush the siege troops.

Talking to Rhiannon:

Agent Rhiannon: Perfectly executed, but the true fight is ahead. The commander needs us. Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png
Right behind you.

Breaking the siege:

Siege Commander: If the flame carriers aren't here soon, I'll rip that gate down with my bare hands.
Siege Commander: Fallback and regroup!
Commander Suma: The siege has folded. Quick, to the pillar!
Commander Suma: We can hold this position for now. You go up ahead and clear the way.
Agent Rhiannon: Take their forward post. Drive them out.
Agent Rhiannon: Wow. We broke the siege and even captured the forward base. It was a memorable experience, fighting alongside you.

After defeating the Siege Commander and his troops (cinematic):

Commander Suma: I'll be damned. You and the twig did it.
Agent Rhiannon: Sir, the area is secure, but they could strike again. We should set up defenses before they—
Commander Suma: No. We go on the offensive. I'll be a dipped dolyak before I let the Flame Legion have the initiative again. Force them to react to us, instead the other way around.
Commander Suma: Everyone move out — cross the bridge and bring the fight to these lowly curs.

After capturing the post:

Commander Suma: Hold position until reinforces arrive!
Agent Rhiannon: Sir, we've driven them from the main hall. Requesting permission for us to continue our mission.
Commander Suma: Permission granted. Give 'em hell, Scout.
Agent Rhiannon: All right then. Follow me!

Talking to Rhiannon:

Agent Rhiannon: No stopping. We shall find the new tribune and make him see oblivion.
Talk more option tango.png
Just like that? Won't he have an army protecting him?
They will be aware we are coming. They will be armed. They think we will be easy prey. Let us ruin their false sense of security.
Talk end option tango.png
Then let's not keep them waiting.
Talk end option tango.png
Let's go.

Finding Burntclaw:

Tribune Burntclaw: What do you mean they rooted our assault forces and broke the siege?
Tribune Burntclaw: You braindead bumblers have ruined everything. Get out of my sight.

Approaching Burntclaw (cinematic):

Tribune Burntclaw: You. You've ruined everything.
Agent Rhiannon: Not yet we haven't. This is where you die, Tribune.
Tribune Burntclaw: Brave but stupid words for a twig surrounded by fire.

After defeating Burntclaw:

Agent Rhiannon: Soon the Flame Legion will be but smoldering ember in the ashes of history.
Agent Rhiannon: With the Flame Legion leadership ruined, Pact forces will dominate the coming battles.
Agent Rhiannon: Once more you've brought the Flame Legion to their knees. Thank you!

Talking to Rhiannon:

Strange. A melancholy has come over me. This charr was alive. Now, this charr is dead. Another charr will come. Another blade will end him.
Talk more option tango.png
What will you do now?
I've been ordered to return with the tribune's head. I've heard the commander wanted to mount the head on a pike to scare the Flame Legion.
Talk more option tango.png
Uh...did he give a reason for doing that?
We fighting to hold on to every inch of ground here. We will need to express to the enemy a sense of brutal fearlessness. To quote the commander, "We must be their fear."
Talk end option tango.png
Good luck, then.
Perhaps. But you just sent a message. The Flame Legion will be back on their heels now.
Do not despair. You drove a blade into the heart of the Flame Legion. Today you won!
You're joking, right? I will not stand here while you get all sad about a dead enemy.
Are you so snide in the face of death? Here, in this burning place, all I see is this war continuing ever on. They will keep marching leaders at us, and we will give them blades.
Talk more option tango.png
Then forge blades faster than they make zealots! And wield them without mercy or crying.
I shall thank you for your service here today, but I'm finished speaking with you!
Talk end option tango.png
Fine. Whimper in a corner. Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png
Either be ready to fight or be ready to die! Keep your whining to yourself.
Talk end option tango.png


  • Originally you had to light 5 torches in Rhiannon path.
  • Originally, Blaclan Firetooth in Ferrah's path was a champion.
  • The logs inside the three braziers you have to set on fire to gain access to the Enkindle Chamber in Ferrah's path have words such as "cursed", "death" and "demons" written on them in New Krytan.
  • In the Flame Legion Barracks, there is a small spider called Dozer. By getting near it, it will follow the player for the entire dungeon and in any path. It will not help in battle and it won't die.