Cobalt Great Jungle Wurm

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The Cobalt Great Jungle Wurm is one of the heads of a massive ancient three-headed wurm living beneath Bloodtide Coast that was surfaced by the constant vibrations of Scarlet Briar's Energy Probes.





  • Part 1:
For the first part of the Cobalt Jungle Wurm you need to attack it with bombs. The location of the bombs change randomly as the event progresses.
2 Locations of the bombs are in the water. There are ways provided to traverse the water without entering it. For the one location you need to follow the wooden mast to a rock formation coming out of the water, then you jump from there onto land. For the other location you have to cross using the floating debris in the water. If you fall into the water whist carrying a bomb it will malfunction and you'll have to wait a bit for it to spawn again for you.
Once you've reached dry land with the bomb, it has to be placed close to the Cobalt Jungle Wurm. The will be a red arrow floating in the air close to the wurm, and you have to drop you bomb under this arrow. 20 Bombs have to be placed in this location within a few minutes of each other for it to work, or the bombs will start detonating and some of the progress will be set back.
  • Part 2: when 20 bombs are at this location the wurm will get stuned on this moment you have to do all the dps you have before he gets back up.
  • If he isn't dead repeat part 1 until he is dead.
  • reminder if you kill him the timer will be reduced to 1min for the other wurms

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