Cobiah Marriner

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""I say we build a port of our own. We build it, and we defend it against Orr. We make it a free port, not beholden to any nation, open to anyone who sails the sea. We'll teach others how to fight against the dead ships, using charr weaponry, asuran innovation, and human courage."

"The port would be open to any and all, so long as they'll fight against Orr and help to keep our waters clear."

— In game

Cobiah Marriner was the first Commodore of the rebuilt Lion's Arch, and grandfather of the current commodore Lawson Marriner. After the flooding of Lion's Arch, shipwrecked crews started rebuilding the city under Cobiah's guidance. In return, they named him Commodore. His adventures are written down in Sea of Sorrows, the third and final novel narrating the events between the original game series and Guild Wars 2. A statue of him can be found in Sanctum Harbor In Lions arch.