Coddler's Cove

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Coddler's Cove


Getting there[править]

The jumping puzzle is inside Mellagan's Grotto in the south of Timberline Falls. Proceed to the Okarinoo Waypoint (if uncontested) or the Coil Waypoint (if contested). If arriving from Coil Waypoint, swim underwater along shore to the Southwest, past the heart, to the area South of the small island. There you will find an underwater cave that leads to the South toward Okarinoo Waypoint. Defeat the krait, and then stay to the right fork in the caves. Surface just past the Okarinoo waypoint; Veteran Commander Plipdoolb and the POI will be up on the rock island, in the center of the cave. Just south of Veteran Commander Plipdoolb there is a waterfall. Note that this is not the main, wide waterfall you see, but a smaller, higher one to the immediate south. A bit south and east of there, you will find a spot to gain your footing; start up the path of ledges along the cave wall, passing by the waterfall. You will come to a second, smaller cave, almost exactly south of the "armorsmith" icon on the map, but on the opposite side of the cave. Enter it.


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If you should fall and die, you don't need to warp to a waypoint. Give it a few seconds, and a considerate baby quaggan will come to your rescue... Though from time to time, it will stop before you are fully revived, he will return after running around the area a few more rounds.


Some of the orbs cannot be seen if you have set Environment in Graphics Options to Low. This may make it seem as though some of the jumps you must make are impossibly long.