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Примечание Примечание: Эта профессия не сущестует. Она была создана ArenaNet специально для 1 апреля 2011.
Commando 02 concept art.jpg

Если у него есть кровь, я могу убить его.

— Commando

The commando is a military-trained soldier profession, who wields various military weapons. A master of the battlefield, this elite soldier is equally at home on the mean streets of Lion's Arch, in the steamy Maguuma Jungle, or on the Orrian front. The multi-role commando is a combat medic, an infiltrator, and a tank. By land, sea, or air, the commando is a technological force to be reckoned with.


The commando has a long reach. Commando weapons don't have set ranges, they just use line of sight. While other professions need to run to different locations on the map, the commando can set up a bunker to snipe at ettins, drakes, and other unsuspecting tangos at map-wide range.

Because of their military training, when they have a knife equipped, commandos gain an automatic bonus to movement speed. They also have the downed state ability to crawl closer to allies who can revive them.


See list of commando skills.

Special spell types[править]

  • Grenades — Grenades enable the commando to perform area-of-effect attacks with a variety of devastating results.
  • Vehicles — Vehicle skills act as the commando's utility skills. A commando can opt for an armored personnel carrier (APC) or a tank for land travel, a helicopter for air travel, or a submarine for undersea travel. Each vehicle gives the commando three utility skills, ranging from depth charges on the submarine to flamethrowers on the APC. The APC, tank, and helicopter can also carry allied passengers to maximize your firepower. Passengers acquire new skills based on their profession and their position in the vehicle. For example, an elementalist manning the tank's main gun can fire flaming shells, while a necromancer riding shotgun in an APC can use the Corrupted Headlights ability to poison and blind foes caught in the beams.
  • Force Multipliers — Force multiplier skills let the commando call in helicopter gunships to take out a boss, rain death from above with Predator air strikes, or even request a danger close offshore naval bombardment.


The commando is a soldier profession and thus wears heavy armor.


  • Two-handed
    • Assault Rifle
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Shotgun
    • Shoulder-fired Rocket
    • Flamethrower
  • Main-hand
  • Off-hand

A commando can easily switch between his two active weapon sets as needed, but swapping ranged weapons triggers a brief cooldown during which the commando shouts, "I'M OUT!" or "RELOADING!".

Personal story[править]

During character creation, the Commando must state what Call of Duty game they prefer.


The engineer profession influenced the Commando April Fool's jokes.

External links[править]

  • A Commando disguise was available to try out this profession in Guild Wars.
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