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Confessor's End

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Confessor's End

Живой Мир: Сезон 3
The Head of the Snake
Queen's Throne Room
(Royal Palace)
Regrouping with the Queen
Confessor's End is the final part of The Head of the Snake.


Find and kill Confessor Caudecus.
  • Meet Demmi at the back entrance to Beetlestone Manor in Lake Doric.
  • Investigate the noise.
  • Defeat the Inquisitor
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    Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Continue to the surface.
  • Enter Beetlestone Manor.
  • Defeat the Beastmaster and his thugs.
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  • Bypass the locked door.
  • Confront Caudecus.
  • Kill Confessor Caudecus Beetlestone.
  • Kill the jade construct.
  • Use the portal to follow Caudecus.
  • Find Caudecus inside his "Inner Sanctum."
  • Confessor Caudecus
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  • Return to Demmi.
  • Enter Caudecus's chambers.
  • Search Caudecus's room for critical intel.



The second last objective, "Enter Caudecus's chambers", draws a large green circle on the map. The door to Caudecus's chambers is not immediately obvious, and is reached by heading up the curved stairs in the central room with the fireplace (where Caudecus was fought earlier), and entering through a door on the balcony.


Head of the Snake
  • Complete the Confessor's End mission.
  • Follow Canach's advice and stun the unsuspecting foe under the chandelier.
Master of Puppets
  • Explore the Mansion and find all the letters.
Riddle Me This
  • Answer both riddles without any incorrect answers.

The Vigil Way and The Whispers Way are mutually exclusive, but are right at the beginning of the instance for easy completion.

The Vigil Way
  • Defeat the Jade Armor and Jade Bow in the first room.
The Whispers Way
  • Avoid fighting the Jade Armor and Jade Bow in the first room.





Jade Construct
White Mantle



Demmi Beetlestone: Here we are. There are some hidden tunnels that'll bring us up into the manor.
Demmi Beetlestone beckons to <Character Name>.
<Character Name>: Are you okay?
Demmi Beetlestone: I thought it might come to this one day, but being here again... Anyway. Up the stairs, to the left.
Demmi Beetlestone: We'll either run into Caudecus coming out this way if he's fleeing or find him in his library if he's making a stand.
Demmi Beetlestone: Hold up. These certainly weren't installed the last time I was here. Caudecus must have upgraded his security.
Demmi Beetlestone: If the information from the Durmand Priory is to be believed, I suggest silently getting by or picking them off one by one.
Demmi Beetlestone: But maybe the Vigil way is best; just run in swords swinging!
<Character Name>: I'll let that slide...Agent.
Countess Anise: Psst. Over here.
Demmi Beetlestone: Countess? What are you doing here?
Countess Anise: You know, I gave it some thought and decided that Canach has let Caudecus slip through his fingers before.
Countess Anise: I couldn't leave it to chance this time.
<Character Name>: We should catch up with Canach and make sure that doesn't happen then. What's his position?
Demmi Beetlestone: She doesn't know. The Shining Blade lost contact with Canach and his men hours ago.
<Character Name>: Anise, is this true? Why didn't you tell me?
Countess Anise: Subterfuge, Commander. I enjoy that sylvari's snark, but our mission is Caudecus.
Countess Anise: We can waste time arguing, or we can go assess the situation.
<Character Name>: If Canach is harmed, I'm holding you responsible.
Countess Anise: This mission is bigger than one soldier. Lead the way, Lady Beetlestone.
Countess Anise: Quite a few of the dogs in here... Did you have a plan, m'lady?
Countess Anise: Huh. Good plan.
Demmi Beedestone: Tybalt once told me, "Use the terrain to your advantage." Especially when the terrain goes boom.
Demmi Beetlestone: These munitions are one of the things I found that made me leave... Who knows what horrors he's amassed since I left.
Countess Anise: Where to now?
<Character Name>: I'm guessing we follow the bodies.
Countess Anise: Shining Blade. Tortured.
Demmi Beetlestone: Commander, I'm sorry I didn't mention Canach and his men earlier. I have a million things swirling in my head...
<Character Name>: You're on a mission to eliminate your own father. I think it can be forgiven.
Demmi Beetlestone: It's that, but also... If we come across Valette Wi, please let me try to talk to her... She's my friend...and family.
Demmi Beetlestone: Maybe I can talk some sense into her.
Countess Anise: How hopeful the young are. She's beyond your reach, child. She's a traitor and a criminal. She'll get no respite here.
Demmi Beetlestone: You'll have to go through me...
<Character Name>: Shhh. You hear that?
High Inquisitor Victor: Bring in the last one. This man has confessed; he's no longer in need of his tongue.
Demmi Beetlestone: Here. I can pick the lock.
High Inquisitor Victor: All must confess! Be freed of the burden of your secrets before we free you of your life!
Canach: Thank you, but I'll show myself out!
<Character Name>: Canach!
Canach: Hello, Commander. If you'd be so kind as to help me kill the rest of these cretins.
High Inquisitor Victor: Excellent! More have come to confess! Get them, but save their dying whispers for my ear!
Demmi Beetlestone: That all of them? Looks clear...
Canach: Good to see you, Commander. Hopefully we can finally finish this and I can be out from under that horrible woman's thumb.
Canach: Oh, hi, Anise. I didn't see you standing completely within my line of sight.
Countess Anise: To think I almost missed you.
Demmi Beetlestone: Have you seen my father—Caudecus?
Canach: Brutish man with aggressively unsettling facial hair? Yes.
Canach: He seemed upset that he wasn't on the Krytan throne...to the extent that he was— Is he really your father? I'm so sorry.
Demmi Beetlestone: What was he doing?
Canach: Well...he was consuming bloodstone his lackeys gathered from the explosion. He might be unrecognizable to you, my dear.
Demmi Beetlestone: I stopped recognizing him as my father long ago.
Demmi Beetlestone: We should move before he turns his scorn toward civilians. He'd rather see Kryta burn than not rule it.
Demmi Beetlestone: By the Six, who blew this hole in the barn door?
Demmi Beetlestone: Workers from Caudecus's carnival. Some of them were soldiers who fought with him in Ascalon's war with the charr.
Demmi Beetlestone: I'd overhear them in the tunnels before I left. They're separatists, trying to devise a way to get back the homeland.
Countess Anise: You handle these sideshow rejects. I'll let Logan know it's time to start his push.
Veteran Animal Tamer: He hasn't eaten for days. First Seraph to cross us'll be devoured!
Veteran Animal Tamer: Don't give me that look! You don't become co-head animal handler for a circus by being a nice guy...
Veteran Animal Tamer: What's that, boy? You smell some rotten collaborators? Show yourself if you dare!
Countess Anise: Logan's moving. How are we doing?
Canach: Thwarted by another locked door. Maybe you'll lend me your foot key again, Commander?
(upon kicking in the door)
<Character Name>: Always at your disposal.
Canach: Maybe a quieter approach would have been wiser...
(upon asking Demmi to pick the door lock)
<Character Name>: Demmi can probably handle this with a bit more subtlety.
Canach: Hm. But the foot key is so satisfying.


My story[править]

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The siege of Lake Doric well in hand, we turned our attention to Caudecus, hiding out in his manor. With the help of Anise and Caudecus's daughter Demmi, we found and killed the Confessor—but not before he mortally wounded his own daughter. Evidence scattered around the manor confirmed our suspicions that the being we know as Lazarus is an imposter...but who is he?

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