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Black Lion Trading Company currency exchange icon.png Currency exchange allows players to trade coin for gems and vice versa.


The currency exchange is accessed from the second tab (Black Lion Trading Company currency exchange icon.png) in the Black Lion Trading Company panel. The panel is accessed clicking the
Black Lion Menu Bar icon.png
icon in the toolbar or the hotkey (default O).


The initial interface panel displays standard exchange amounts and how many coins or gems are required for purchase. Click on Buy next to the desired transaction to complete the purchase.

  • Золотая монета Gold exchanges include intervals of 1, 10, 50, 100, 250, and custom
  • Gem.png Gem exchanges include intervals of 400, 800, 1200, 2000, and custom
  • Exchange rates are determined by supply and demand from players. Since supply and demand affects the rate, the ratio can shift rapidly depending on market conditions, especially when the Gem Store adds new items.
    • The exchange has a supply of both Gems and Gold. When you trade to the exchange you influence the supply of each. The exchange rate is relative to current supply of each. The price changes geometrically as one pool empties creating a better exchange rate for the low supplied currency. The supplies are contained entirely within the exchange.[1]
    • Due to currency exchange inflation, the value of purchased gems has increased over time. Conversely, the value of in-game gold used to purchase items in the Gem Store has decreased.
  • Transaction fee is a 15% fee for trading gems for gold or vice-versa. For example, exchanging 1 Золотая монета gives 85 Серебряная монета worth of gems while reselling those gems returns only around 72 Серебряная монета 25 Медная монета, resulting in a net loss of roughly 28%.


Файл:Currency Exchange Market Data.jpg
Old Currency Exchange panel
  • Price trends for the last five days were displayed until the update to the exchange interface.
  • Players are limited to exchanging 9999 Gem.png or 250 Золотая монета in any single transaction.
  • To help combat botting and scams, there is a delay of 72 hours after creating a new account before currency can be exchanged.
  • Trial accounts cannot access the currency exchange.
  • The currency supply pool used to determine the exchange rate is limited to the North American servers. Due to incompatibilities, separate pools are maintained on the European and Chinese servers. [требуется подтверждение]