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Интерфейс пользовательской арены

Custom Arena (Пользовательская арена) - это арена для Структурированного ПвП, параметры которой могут настраивать сами игроки. Пользовательская арена позволяет вам создать собственное место для игры, организовать частный турнир для игры с друзьями, а также бросить вызов другим командам.


  • 20x20px Custom Arena Starter Kit — Создает пользовательскую арену для ПвП битвы. Вы можете настроить карты, пароли, размеры групп и другие параметры. Арена появляется на 30 дней активного времени.
  • 20x20px Custom Arena Time Token — Добавляет дни существования пользовательской арены. Один жетон добавляет один день.

Опции пользовательской арены[править]


Вы можете настраивать свою пользовательскую арену так, как вам нравится. В следующей таблице приведены возможные доступные настройки и их минимальные и максимальные значения.

Название настройки Описание Минимум Максимум Допустимый диапазон славы
Минимум Максимум
Password (пароль) Server requires a password to join. Off On Off Off
Message of the Day
Respawn Type Wave — All dead players spawn together at a set time interval.
Individual — Unknown
Team Size The number of players allowed on a single team. 1 10 3 10
Score Limit Matches will end when one team reaches the score limit. 1 1,000 500 1,000
Time Limit When a match reaches the time limit, matches will end, and a victor will be declared. 1 minute 30 minutes 10 minutes 30 minutes
Respawn Time The number of seconds to wait until respawning after death. 1 second 120 seconds 5 seconds 45 Seconds
Starting Players Matches will begin as soon as each team has at least the starting player count. 0 10 1 10
Reserved Slots Only members are allowed to fill reserved slots. 0 20 0 2
Spectators Players are allowed to watch matches from a neutral team.
Ready Button Matches will not begin until all players acknowledge they are ready.
Autobalance Players will automatically be team-swapped to keep teams even.
Lock Gear No equipment changes are allowed after a match begins.
Lock Skills No skill or trait changes are allowed after a match begins.
No Progression Achievements and lifetime statistics are not affected. Off Off
Force Respawn Players will automatically resurrect at the end of their respawn timers.
Tournament Commands Enabling tournament commands allows the use of specialized features that give more control over a custom arena.


You may also customize the map rotation by clicking on the image for each map. By default, all maps are selected. Clicking on one toggles between enabled and disabled as well as selecting it to be placed in the map rotation. The order in which you click determines the map rotation order.

Member Players[править]

Member players are allowed to join reserved slots.

Member Guilds[править]

Players representing member guilds are allowed to join reserved slots.

Banned Players[править]

Banned players cannot join the custom arena.

List of Custom Arena commands[править]

Tournament Commands[править]

These commands were established to aid in running custom tournaments. Using any of these commands will turn off progression for the remainder of the match in which you used it. [Example: using /gamestart will not allow any players in the match to accumulate glory or rank points.]

  • /gamestart – Forces the current game to start. Disables rewards and stats.
  • /gameend – Ends the current game. Disables rewards and stats.
  • /setscore – Sets each team’s score, and is clamped to victory score. (total points needed for victory) Example: /setscore 150 499 where the first number is red team score and second is blue. Score can be set before the match starts in the ‘waiting for players’ phase.

Administrative Commands[править]

These commands require you to have the designated player targeted. You do not need to type that players name. Simply acquire your target and type one of these slash commands.

  • /memberadd – Adds the player to the list of members for the server.
  • /memberremove – Removes the player from the members list.
  • /guildadd – Adds the guild of target player to guild list
  • /guildremove – Removes the guild of targeted player from guild list
  • /ban – Sends the targeted player back to the lobby. Adds their name to the list of banned players.
  • /unban – Removes the targeted player from the ban list
  • /kick – Sends the targeted player back to the lobby.
  • /teamswitch – Switches the player from their current team to the other team


  • Should an arena run out of available time, there is a two week grace period before the arena will be removed. In the event that this happens, a new Custom Arena Starter Kit must be purchased and a new Custom Arena will need to be made.