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Daily is an achievement category earned by doing a set of simple tasks. Every day a new set of twelve achievements is generated from the possible tasks list; additionally, one or more special daily meta-achievements will be generated depending on the active Living Story. Completing five of these tracks rewards the character with a daily reward chest popping up in the lower right corner. Each achievement completed in addition to that will reward 5% experience towards the next level and 1 achievement point.

There is a cap of 10,000Очко достижений for daily achievements. Once the cap is reached, points from achievements in this category will no longer increase the account's achievement points, but all other rewards such as experience from completing an achievement and the daily rewards will still function normally.

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There are a total of twelve daily tasks available each day composed of various objectives. You must complete at least five daily achievements to complete the daily and receive the bonus reward. To keep track of the dailies you want to complete, you can use the watch list functionality of the achievements panel. Each daily achievement is worth 1 Очко достижений, regardless of how many you end up completing, so you can earn up to 12 Очко достижений a day doing daily achievements only.

The twelve daily achievements are split into two PvP achievements, two WvW achievements, and eight general PvE achievements. There are six fixed achievements each day: Daily Events, Daily Gatherer, Daily Kills, Recycler, Daily WvW Invasion Defender, and PvP Daily Matches Played. The other ones rotate on a fixed cycle.

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Name Objective Description

For the full schedule of daily achievements over the next 30 days, see here.

List of possible daily achievements[править]

Daily achievement Objective Description Notes
Event based daily achievements
Daily Events 0/5 Events Complete events. Events in low level zones such as Queensdale and Plains of Ashford are shorter than high level zones as well as easier to complete. Events in World versus World will also count towards the achievement, giving players an alternative to hunting events in zones.
Event Mentor 0/5 Sidekicked Events Completed Complete events while adjusted below your actual character level. Explore areas with events below your level. As with Daily Events achievement, low level zones are ideal due to being short and easy to complete. This is not possible with events in Cursed Shore, Southsun Cove, or in World versus World as these are level 80 zones.
Daily Group Event Completer 0/2 Group Events Complete group events. Group events are events designed to be completed in a group. Most world bosses at the end of meta events will be group events. Events with bonus chests are popular, so you won't have to find help. This is a list of group events.
Dungeon based daily achievements
Dungeon Completer 0/1 Dungeons Completed Complete a dungeon on explorable mode difficulty. Both Story and Explorable mode completions will count towards this achievement.
Story Dungeon Completer 0/1 Story Dungeons Complete a dungeon on story mode difficulty.
Daily Fractal Runner 0/1 Fractals Completed Complete a fractal dungeon. Fractals are completed in sets, so check with your teammates if you only want to complete a single fractal for the daily achievement.
Kill based daily achievements
Daily Kills 0/50 Kills Total Kills Events will have high concentrations of enemies.
Ascalonian Killer 0/40 Kills in Ascalon Kill foes in the following Ascalonian maps: Plains of Ashford, Diessa Plateau, Fields of Ruin, Blazeridge Steppes, Iron Marches, and Fireheart Rise. Also includes Ascalonian Catacombs & Citadel of Flame
Krytan Killer 0/40 Kills in Kryta Kill foes in the following Krytan maps: Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarran Fields, Harathi Hinterlands, and Bloodtide Coast. Also includes Caudecus's Manor
Maguuman Killer 0/40 Kills in the Maguuma Jungle Defeat enemies in the following Maguuma Jungle maps: Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Sparkfly Fen, and Mount Maelstrom. Also includes Twilight Arbor, Crucible of Eternity & Labyrinthine Cliffs.
Orrian Killer 0/40 Kills in Orr Kill foes that grant experience in the following Orr maps: Straits of Devastation, Malchor's Leap, and Cursed Shore. Also includes The Ruined City of Arah
Shiverpeaks Killer 0/40 Kills in the Shiverpeaks Kill foes in the following Shiverpeak Mountains maps: Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Lornar's Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Timberline Falls, and Frostgorge Sound. Also includes Sorrow's Embrace & Honor of the Waves
Daily Kill Variety 0/13 Types of Enemies Different families or groups of enemies killed. See Daily Kill Variety for details.
Daily Aquatic Slayer 0/25 Underwater Kills You vanquished foes beneath the waves. Players usually have to go out of their way to kill underwater creatures and these foes are spread out in a much wider radius. Focus on events that occur underwater. One good aquatic area is Loch Jezt just outside of Rata Sum in Metrica Province.
Daily Champion Slayer 0/1 Champions Defeated You brought down champion foes when you found them. Many group events have champion monsters. All dungeons have champions.
Ambient Killer 0/30 Ambient Creatures Kill 30 ambient creatures. Ambient creatures are NPCs with white names and can be found throughout Tyria. Many areas have a concentration of these creatures, such as Godslost Swamp, Grand Barrier Isle, Hangrammr Climb, Toxal Bog, and the Swampland Fractal.
Combat based daily achievements
Condition Applier 0/50 Conditions Applied Apply bleeding, blinding, burning, chilling, confusion, crippling, fear, immobilization, poison, vulnerability, or weakness to your foes. Players will naturally apply conditions during combat. Using an area of effect field on a group of enemies can quickly complete this achievement.
Condition Remover 0/20 Conditions Removed Remove bleeding, blinding, burning, chilling, confusion, crippling, fear, immobilization, poison, vulnerability, or weakness from yourself or your allies. Seek out foes which apply multiple conditions at once such as Bandit Cutpurses or Wurms, and bring skills which remove multiple conditions in a single use, such as Ether Renewal or Healing Spring. Each stack of a condition that is removed counts towards the achievement; for example, if a Bear applied a stack of 4 bleeds to you, and you used Mending to remove the bleeding, it would count as 4 removals. Alternately, necromancers can apply conditions to themselves using certain skills, allowing you to complete the achievement without ever leaving town.
Daily Dodger 0/15 Attacks Dodged You successfully evaded incoming attacks. Along with the dodge mechanic, any skill that evades will count. An easy method is to grab three or more enemies, preferably low level so you don't die, and dodge through them to trigger evasion multiple times. If players are having timing issues, selecting enemies with long animating attacks such as bears or ettins can be helpful. Dredge oscillators use a slow moving wave attack when the player is at a distance which, if dodged, counts as three to four evasions. The Great Jungle Wurm melee attack can complete the whole achievement in one go.

An even easier method is to just roll through the Dodge tutorials in the starting zones a couple of times.

Daily Reviver 0/10 Allies Revived Revive a downed or defeated NPC or player. At some places in the world there are many allies to revive, such as The Bloodfields in Gendarran Fields and Thaumanova Reactor in Metrica Province.
Activity based daily achievements
Daily Activity Participation 0/1 Activities Completed Join in on an activity. Speak with
Activity (map icon).png
Kouris or Edinna Linhoft to gain access:

Some holiday based activities also grant credit to this achievement.

Costume Brawl Champion 0/1 Costume Brawls Won Win 1 costume brawls. See Costume Brawl for information on the activity. If you don't currently have gem-free, independent access to brawl skills, please check Ghostly Owl Feather which has 2 costume brawl skills for 147 karma.
Tradesman based daily achievements
Daily Gatherer 0/20 Gatherings Gathering raw materials. Certain areas can have a concentration of nodes due to how nodes are distributed across the map. Players can also take advantage of node farms.
Recycler 0/10 Items Salvaged Break down items using a salvage kit. Salvaging items you find during completion of other dailies can help towards this. Alternately, simply buy cheap equipment or salvage items from the Trading Post to salvage. Salvaging items with non-PvP Salvage Kits in Heart of the Mists does not count.
Character progression based daily achievements
Personal Story Completer 0/1 Story Steps Completed Help your allies complete a personal story step, or complete one yourself. If you have an open character slot, you can create a new character and complete the tutorial to easily finish this achievement. If all of your characters have completed theirs and you have no slots available, you will have to find someone to party with.
Leveler 0/1 Levels Gained Gain a level. Also applies to level 80 characters. Below level 20, characters tend to gain levels very quickly. New characters gain a level upon completing the tutorial. Level 80 characters are still able to complete this achievement by gaining enough experience to gain a skill point. Gaining a level in WvW also counts.
Skill Point Accumulator 0/3 Skill Points Acquire skill points from skill challenges or leveling a character that is already level 80. Earn skill points by completing skill challenges, using a Scroll of Knowledge, or by filling the experience bar of a character of level 5 or higher.
World versus World based daily achievements
Daily Mists Invasion Defender 0/10 Enemy Invaders Killed Defeat enemy invaders in the Mists.
Daily Mists Caravan Disruptor 0/5 Supply Caravans Destroyed Kill 5 enemy supply caravan in the Mists. Defeat Pack Dolyaks. This is easier on Borderlands maps.
Daily Mists Land Claimer 0/5 Sentries Captured Claim land for your world in the Mists.
Daily Mists Camp Capturer 0/3 Camps Captured Capture supply camps for your realm in the Mists.
Daily Mists Tower Capturer 0/1 Tower Captured Capture towers for your realm in the Mists.
World Ranker 0/2 World Ranks Gained Gain World Rank in the Mists. Taste of Liquid World Experience can be purchased for 2 Laurel.png and 50 Badges of Honor.png.
Miscellaneous daily achievements
Daily Feast 0/5 Food Eaten You have a little something to eat. Food can be bought for a very low price from the Trading Post. Note, however, that most food items will not appear if you set the filters to "food". Use the "consumable" filter with no subcategory. Another cheap alternative is to purchase Rice in Bulk for 49 karma from any Master Chef vendor. This will give you 25 Rice Balls which can be consumed directly to quickly complete the requirement. Some foods do not count, such as Roasted Meaty Sandwich.
Karma Spender 0/750 Karma Spent Purchase items using karma. Purchasing crafting materials, recipes, Lost Orrian Jewelry Box or Obsidian Shard is a quick way to spend karma without wasting it on items you may not need. You can buy Rice in Bulk for future Daily Feast days.
Daily Laurel Vendor 0/1 Laurel Vendors Visited You sought out a laurel vendor in any of the major cities. Simply talk to a laurel vendor.
Daily Puzzle Jumper 0/1 Jumping Puzzles Completed Complete a jumping puzzle. Urmaug's Secret in Lion's Arch is simple and accessible, making it a popular choice for players. It is possible to park a character at the end of a jumping puzzle; logging back into this character whenever the achievement comes up will complete it instantly.


Completing individual Daily achievements awards:

  • 5% experience toward next level
  • 1 Очко достижений

Completing 5 Daily achievements will make a chest appear on the right-hand side of the screen. This chest can only be opened by the character who completed the fifth achievement, and it contains:

Base coin rewarded, based on completing character level:

Level 1-3 4–10 11–20 21–30 31–40 41–50 51–60 61–70 71–80
Coin 50 Медная монета Серебряная монета Серебряная монета 75 Медная монета Серебряная монета 25 Медная монета Серебряная монета Серебряная монета 50 Медная монета Серебряная монета Серебряная монета 75 Медная монета Серебряная монета

Bonus reward[править]

There is a chance of getting an additional Gem Store item and a small amount of extra coin. You may get one of the following rewards:

0No No extra item - 73.3%
Transmutation Charge (item).png Transmutation Charge - 5.6%
Trading Post Express.png Trading Post Express - 4.0%
20x20px Merchant Express - 3.8%
Bank Access Express.png Bank Access Express - 3.3%
Instant Repair Canister.png Instant Repair Canister - 3.3%
Black Lion Salvage Kit.png Black Lion Salvage Kit - 3.2%
Mystic Forge Stone.png Mystic Forge Stone - 2.9%
Black Lion Chest Key.png Black Lion Chest Key - 0.3%
Revive Orb.png Revive Orb - 0.2%
20x20px Box o' Fun - 0.1%
- this data is based on the total recorded occurences of the now defunct Transmutation Stone and Transmutation Crystal.

Bonus coin rewarded, based on completing character level: (this occurs when the above items are received)

Level 2–10 11–20 21–30 31–40 41–50 51–60 61–70 71–80
Bonus coin Медная монета15 Медная монета 18 Медная монета-25 Медная монета 23 Медная монета32 Медная монета  ?-?  ?-? 38 Медная монета38 Медная монета 40 Медная монета43 Медная монета 50 Медная монета80 Медная монета


  • Drop rate research can be found here.
  • Progress is reset each day at midnight, 00:00.
  • Like all other achievements, daily achievements are tied to the account, which means that one character can do most of the work, but another can complete the achievement for the reward.
  • The reward chest is displayed as a pop-up in the lower-right corner of the screen; it does not need to be opened immediately and will persist through logout. However, you can only claim it on the character who earned the reward.
Daily achievements do not progress in personal story instances.