Daily PvP

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Daily PvP is an achievement category for achievements earned by doing a set of simple tasks each day in Structured PvP.

The reward for completing all four of them each day is 1 PvP Glory Booster plus one of the following: 1 Arcane Orb 1 Arcane Crystal 1 Arcane Sliver 1 Arcane Converter Note: Unlike Daily, they do not have a chance for additional bonus items, and completing them does not grant coin or experience, nor bonus glory or rank points. One Laurel will be rewarded if Daily has not been completed.

Daily PvP Achievement.png


Daily PvP achievements are recurring and always have a single tier.

Name Objective description Очко достижений
Daily Captures
X/3 Points Captured 1 Очко достижений
Daily Matches Played X/3 Matches Played 1 Очко достижений
Daily Player Kills X/5 Player Kills 1 Очко достижений
Daily Top Stats X/1 Top Stat Awarded 1 Очко достижений
Daily Top Stats

Any category which rewards glory is a possible candidate for top stats. These are listed on the bottom of the team score window. Most are common across all maps, but some are map specific. The following is a list of all categories: