Dark Reverie

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Dark Reverie

Dark Reverie map.jpg
Map of Dark Reverie

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Dark Reverie

Dark Reverie (Темная Ривьера) - это сложная прыгательная головоломка на юго-востоке Caledon Forest.

Как добраться[править]

Завершите прыгательную головоломку Morgan's Leap, затем ступайте севернее и западнее по парящим камням, к Dreamdark Enclave. После того, как игрок попал внутрь, он может открыть ворота на юго-востоке, на уровне земли, чтобы другие игроки могли войти сразу.


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Your goal is to jump down mushroom pads into the Dreamdark Enclave, grab a basic Chest, and then jump up another set of mushrooms to complete the achievement (and find another chest). You will be confronted with Nightmare Mortars, Bursting Brambles, and various members of the Nightmare Court. Use appropriate caution, especially on the floor of the enclave. Mortars can knock you off the ledge, so be careful where you stand when fighting them.

  1. Complete the Morgan's Leap jumping puzzle.
  2. Walk past the tamed spiders and head left across some rocks; take out the guards.
  3. Walk into the cave and head to your right, jumping down the pads and logs, destroying any mortars you find along the way.
  4. When you reach the bottom, there is a chest near the south wall; it's guarded by a Summoned Husk and a veteran court member; there's also a pack of dogs patrolling nearby. NOTE: There are more veterans aside from the one closest to the chest. If you fall or drop down in the wrong place, they can swarm you.
  5. Head for the stairs/pads up, just east of the chest. It eventually leads to a platform west of the platform.
  6. You will gain the achievement after opening the magnificent chest found here.



  • The worst spot is a heavily slanted leaf about 2/3rds of the way up that appears to be almost undoable. You miss it, you usually fall to your death. The trick to it is to go to the "top" of the launchpad leaf, about the middle of that side, and jump to the lowest edge of the target slant leaf (which appears to be too distant) and do a mid-air turn as you get to the top of the target leaf. If you cannot make this work, it is usually easier to jump onto the stem supporting this particular leaf and jump up onto the pad from there.
  • As a result of this having a long section where any error in jumping means a death-fall, it's a real good idea to have a friend able to help you by reviving you.
  • For the heavily slanted leaf, you CAN jump to its stem, then jump up from the stem over the "back" side of the leaf and onto the leaf itself. It is much, much easier to do it this way.