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Day and night refer to two environment states which affect certain gameplay mechanics, including the appearances of certain weapons and Sylvari glow.

In most areas of the game, day and night alternate according to the day-night cycle. Any zone or instance that does not follow the cycle will be permanently frozen in either the day state or the night state. The day-night mechanic is intended as an element of realism in the game; for example, the day-night cycle mimics the passage of real time, and the night state of many underground dungeons reflects the darker feeling of those locations.

Day–night cycle[править]

A single day-night cycle lasts for 2 hours. It is broken into four stages: day, night, dawn and dusk.

The sky appears fairly static during the day and night stages. During the day, the sky is bright and the sun is visible. During the night, the sky is dark, and stars and the moon are visible. During dusk and dawn, the sky smoothly transitions between the day and night appearances.[1]

While dawn and dusk uniquely affect the appearance of the sky, it should be noted that the game considers them both to be functionally "day". As such, effects that only activate during the night will not trigger during these transitionary stages.


All zones obeying the day-night cycle are synchronized to the same daily schedule. The following table shows the current cycle and state:

Functional state Cycle stage Length Begins at
Day Dawn 5 minutes 00:25
Day 70 minutes 00:30
Dusk 5 minutes 01:40
Night Night 40 minutes 01:45
Next cycle 02:25

List of locations with day-night cycle[править]

List of zones not on cycle[править]

Name Status
Ascalonian Catacombs Night
Caudecus's Manor Day
Twilight Arbor Night
Sorrow's Embrace Night
Citadel of Flame Night
Honor of the Waves Day
Crucible of Eternity (story mode) Day
Crucible of Eternity (explorable mode) Night
The Ruined City of Arah Day
Fractals of the Mists
Name Status
Mistlock Observatory Day
Aetherblade Fractal Day
Aquatic Ruins Fractal Day
Cliffside Fractal Day
Molten Furnace Fractal Day
Snowblind Fractal Night
Swampland Fractal Night
Thaumanova Reactor Fractal Day
Uncategorized Fractal Day
Underground Facility Fractal Night
Urban Battlegrounds Fractal Day
Volcanic Fractal Night
Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal Day
Molten Boss Fractal Day
Solid Ocean Fractal Night
Structured PvP
Name Status
Heart of the Mists Night
Battle of Kyhlo Night
Courtyard Night
Forest of Niflhel Night
Legacy of the Foefire Day
Skyhammer Day
Spirit Watch Day
Temple of the Silent Storm Night
Name Status
Durmand Priory Basement Day
Edge of the Mists Day
Reconnaissance Night*

Note: The Personal Story quest Reconnaissance starts out as Night; when the quest is completed, the instance turns to Day.

Game elements affected by day-night state[править]

Dynamic events, NPCs, and enemies[править]

Certain locations will have different dynamic events, non-player characters, and enemies available depending on day or night. For example, Shaemoor Cemetery will have a Priest of Grenth investigating a restless spirit in the day, who turns out to be Lady in White in Defeat the Lady in White at night. Bats are also found in the cemetery only at night.

Sigil of the Night[править]

Основная статья: Sigil of the Night

Sigils of the Night are weapon sigils that increase outgoing damage during the night state.

Sigil of the Night Редкость Уровень Бонус
Minor Sigil of the Night.png Minor Sigil of the Night Z Исходящий урон увеличивается ночью на 5%.
Major Sigil of the Night.png Major Sigil of the Night Z Исходящий урон увеличивается ночью на 7%.
Superior Sigil of the Night.png Superior Sigil of the Night Z Исходящий урон увеличивается ночью на 10%.


Основная статья: Food

The following foods confer different bonuses depending on whether it is the day or night state.

Level Duration Item Effect
10 30m Skill.png Chili Pepper Popper Day: 8% Chance to gain might on crit
20 30m Skill.png Stuffed Pepper Day: 16% Chance to gain might on crit
30 30m 35x35px Stuffed Zucchini Day: 24% Chance to gain might on crit
Night: 24% Chance to cause chill on crit
50 30m 35x35px Bowl of Hummus Day: 28% Chance to gain might on crit
Night: 28% Chance to cause chill on crit
65 30m 35x35px Roasted Artichoke Day: 36% Chance to gain might on crit
Night: 36% Chance to cause chill on crit
80 30m Ghost Pepper Popper.png Ghost Pepper Popper Day: 40% Chance to gain might on crit
Night: 40% Chance to cause chill on crit

Weapon appearances[править]

The following weapons have different appearances between day and night states.

  • Eternity will incorrectly display the Twilight model during the dawn stage of the day-night cycle. The daytime aura will correctly appear.
  • In some zones, the weapon appearances will not automatically change state when day changes to night or vice versa. Reentering the zone will cause the weapon to display the correct state.
  • Kraitkin's day/night effects work incorrectly, showing daytime effects during night and only showing nighttime effects shortly after skill use.
  • Howler originally featured unique day/night appearances. However, a game patch removed the nighttime effects.

Sylvari glow[править]

Основная статья: Physical appearance/Sylvari

All Sylvari characters will glow when in the night state. For playable characters, the color and intensity of the glow is set during character creation.


Основная статья: Customized soundtrack

For players who customize their in-game music, many explorable zones that use the default Ambient playlist during the day state will switch to the NightTime playlist in the night state.


  • Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns will feature a new Outpost meta event system which involves building up defenses during the initial "day" phase to prepare to survive enemy attacks in the following "night" phase.[2] It is currently unknown whether the Outpost system will use the existing day-night cycle, will use a separate cycle, or will result in the existing cycle being modified.