Defeat Tequatl the Sunless

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Defeat Tequatl the Sunless is a level 58 elite event that occurs on the Splintered Coast in Sparkfly Fen.

The event begins with Tequatl the Sunless flying out of the water, eventually landing in front of the player and beginning combat. Though considered one of the smaller dragons, Tequatl is not alone and the fight occurs with dangerous minions summoned to attack the players as well. Players themselves have access to hylek and asura turrets, and are accompanied as well by the formidable Asura Mega Laser.


Defeat Tequatl the Sunless
Meter: Event boss (map icon).png Tequatl the Sunless
Meter: Event shield (map icon).png Asura Mega Laser
Timer: Mega Laser charged in: 2:00


  • Tequatl has several means of defending against hostile attacks:
    • An area fear skill that sends foes running away.
    • Tequatl's Fingers that rise from the ground to attack those nearby.
    • Sizable bone walls that can block attacks aimed against him.
    • Bloated creepers, which are undead allies that possess a poisonous self-detonation.
  • Players can support direct attackers through several ways:
    • Destroying Tequatl's minions, such as the Fingers, bone walls, and bloated.
    • Defending the Asura Mega Laser while it charges its attack.
      • On a successful hit, Tequatl will be stunned and his head will be vulnerable, allowing players to deal roughly twice the normal amount of damage to him.
    • Manning an Asura Lightning Turret or Hylek Fire Turret.
    • Protecting turret repair crews.




Level of participation Gold Silver Bronze
Experience 2,616
Karma 279 Karma.png 237 Karma.png  ?? Karma.png
Currency 279 Медная монета 237 Медная монета  ?? Медная монета
  • When the event is completed successfully a chest spawns and every player that contributed to the event can get more rewards.